The Most Important Thing You Need to Know about Your Website

The Internet has revolutionized the way we do business. And the power behind the Internet—the literal engines and tools and drives—all play a huge role in the success of a business in that environment. This is especially true if you offer a service instead of a physical product, which is the case in the water-flood-fire damage restoration industry.

To stay relevant and in business, it is essential to have an online presence that works for you. Yet many business owners do not make full use of the tools offered online. Why? Maybe they don’t understand the resources at their disposal, or they’re too busy running their business to learn about these options. The simple truth is this: online marketing tools are cheaper than most traditional routes (telemarketing, direct mail, etc.) and can yield a much greater return on your investment. By learning how to utilize online marketing tools and strategies, you can ensure your business will not only survive, but thrive, in the modern technological age.

When Internet users view your website, it is called traffic. Some people mistakenly assume that by increasing the traffic to their website, they will increase their customer base and profits. In fact, increasing traffic alone will not help if you are not able to drive sales with the traffic you already have. Visitors to your website need to be engaged. They need a reason to remain on your site. Most importantly, they need to buy into the service you provide. The first step is to have them want to respond to a call to action such as send an email inquiry, fill out a contact form, call you on the phone, etc. Once the visitor responds to your call to action, that visitor is now more than just traffic—they have become a lead—a potential customer. This turning of simple traffic into actual leads is called website conversion. And we all understand that lead generation is vital to closing sales. By now it should be clear that the conversion rate for your website is much more important than the amount of traffic you receive, as the leads you receive will all be well qualified.

What is a good conversion rate, and how can you determine yours? Your conversion rate will come in the form of a percentage and is calculated using two important statistics that are available from your Google analytics program: the number of calls to action completed (transactions) and the total number of website visitors. Use these numbers in the following formula to determine your website’s conversion rate:

(number of transactions ÷ number of site visitors) x 100 = conversion rate %

Determining your conversion rate is an essential first step to understanding how your website is performing for you. Once you have a baseline conversion rate, you can monitor it over time to see if it increases, decreases, or remains the same. Your goal should always be to increase your conversion rate. A good web developer knows all the tools available to help you accomplish just that. Learn how to Kill It Online with Sonny Ahuja (

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