How to Kill it Online using Google Analytics

If you are using Google Adwords or any sort of ad campaign to increase your revenue, you need to employ Google Analytics on your website. The ninja in the background, silently collecting data, Google Analytics can provide the data you need to analyze which campaigns are working and which ones need to be bumped.

Not only will this save you time and money, but it provides a clear picture of your target market, who is visiting your site, and how effective that website is in converting those visitors into paid leads.

Benefits of Google Analytics

Analyzes the flow of traffic to your site

Ever wonder where the traffic to your site is coming from? Is it flowing from an ad campaign, being found through a Google search or deriving from another site? If you do not know where your traffic is coming from, then Google Analytics is a great tool to implement.

Not only can it evaluate WHERE the traffic is coming from, but you can also categories the traffic by demographics, age, income level and more.

Evaluates results of marketing campaign

It amazes me how many people invest in ad campaigns, but do not know the first thing about tracking them. How can you effectively measure a target without accurate, real-time data?

The best way to realize a return on your investment from an ad campaign is to link Google Analytics to the ad. This way, you can identify the effectiveness of your ad, and calculate an accurate return on investment.

Free of charge

Who in life doesn’t love free? In fact, as entrepreneurs, it is our duty to keep costs low in order to keep cash flow optimized. Google Analytics is a free tool robust with elements in which it can track. Sure you can invest in a paid analytics tool, but if you are just starting out and learning how to analyze the data in your ads, then Google Analytics is a great place to start.

Allows for web customization

With Google Analytics running in the background of your site, the opportunities are endless to identify, track and understand your website visitors. You can find out extensive amounts of data about their age, income, gender, and more.

After running Google Analytics for a few months and gaining insight on key components which are driving revenue to your site, you can use the information to customize your website.

If for instance you notice that your product and services are appealing to a particular group, do some research about that group, make sure your website appeals to them, and see if it helps you drive more revenue through your website.

Practice Makes Perfect

In order to kill it online in your business and live the life of your dreams, find an analytics tool that can measure the traffic flowing through your website. Take some time today to experiment with Google Analytics and see what this tool can do for you!

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