Why Are Britney Spears Perfumes Still Popular?

fantasy-perfume-giftsetShe is glamorous, sexy, gorgeous, a great dancer and singer; she is Britney Spears. She’s been in the public spotlight for only a short time now, but she has had immense success in her career. More than that, she has been a ‘controversy child’. Her sexy image has made her the hit artist of her time.

Britney Spears started her own successful perfume line in 2004. Hers is the largest celebrity perfume line. She has launched 7 fragrances till date. Her fragrances include Curious, Fantasy, Midnight Fantasy, and Believe.

Curious perfume was released in 2004. It had sales of more than $100 million in its first year. It also won the awards for “Best Selling Perfume” in 2004 and “Best Woman’s Fragrance” in 2005. It was followed by Curious: In Control released in 2006 and Curious Heart in 2007.

Curious was specially designed for women in their twenties. This fragrance is for women with attitude, mischief and independence. It was well accepted by the public and was a fast selling perfume of 2004. It has a fruity floral fragrance which has the notes of fresh lotus, pear, magnolia, tuberose, jasmine, vanilla, musk and precious wood.

Fantasy was Britney Spears’ second fragrance which was launched in 2005. It has a pretty bottle bejeweled with Swarovski crystals. This perfume has a very sensual and gourmand fragrance. The fruity notes include litchi, golden quince, and kiwi. The other delicious fragrances are that of white chocolate and jasmine with base notes of musk, orris root and woods. Fantasy has an amazing lasting power.

Curious In Control was a limited edition introduced in 2006. The fragrance is a sensual mixture of vanilla and musk with night orchids, Tonka crystals, crème brulee, and sandalwood. It has a sweet yet sexy fragrance.

Britney Spears introduced another fragrance for the younger audience called Midnight Fantasy which was launched in 2006. It has a dark blue bottled decorated with Swarowsky crystals which look like stars. It has a very mysterious and appealing fragrance. The fragrance has an exotic blend of Framboise, black cherry and plum with night orchid, freesia, iris, amber, musk and vanilla.

Curious Heart is Britney Spears perfume released in 2007. This too was a limited edition. It has a very attractive pink bottle with a heart tattoo symbol. Believe was another perfume launched in the same year. It goes with the slogan, “The greatest freedom is to believe in yourself”. This perfume has a very sophisticated bottle unlike the other bottles of Britney Spears fragrances.

Believe bottle has a triangular shape with straight and sharp lines. The liquid inside the bottle is green which gives it a fresh look. This fragrance is aimed at young and romantic girls. It fragrance includes fresh guava, tangerine, honeysuckle, linden blossom, and the base has a very sensuous accord of patchouli, amber and sweet praline notes.

One of the latest Britney Spears perfumes is the Hidden fantasy. It was introduced in 2008. It has the fragrance of vanilla and cherry. This perfume smells very sophisticated unlike the earlier perfumes of Britney Spears which were more perky and flirty.

People are very fascinated with Britney Spears perfume line. Some of them didn’t expect Britney to come up with such popular fragrances but she absolutely surprised her fans and her critics alike.
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