What’s Google Buzz?

Google-Buzz-logoGoogle Buzz is buzzing with activity! You need to get with the program and get on board. Here are some great ways you can use Google Buzz to your advantage. This is the best way to make an impact, all for free.

1) Indexing – Google doesn’t ignore the data that you find on Buzz. It uses it to index new content. Google indexes every link that you post on Buzz. Post a new page on Buzz and get it indexed. Or go one step better, and include a Buzz button.

2) Keyword Research – buzzzy.com is a third party search engine that will tell you what the most popular keywords on Buzz are at the moment. They’re displayed under the header “popular searches.”

3) Link Building – Google Buzz doesn’t use “nofollow” as it didn’t work for them in the past. Nofollow ruined their ability to index links. The absence of nofollow on Buzz makes sure that it is advantageous to Google, and to you. You can even add your Twitter feed to Buzz so that you can index it.

4) Real Time Search – Google Buzz isn’t on Google search hits yet, but it will be very soon. Buzz will then compete with Twitter and Facebook, and other social networking sites, for attention. Buzz is the place to be for real time results.

5) Personal Branding – Buzz and your Google Profile are synonymous. It can be used to your advantage, if you use it the right way. Choose what you Buzz about carefully, and keep it real. Also, keep those Tweets going. Every time you Tweet, you’re post is forgotten easily. On Buzz, every comment sends your post to the top of the list. So a great idea will get the attention it deserves.

6) Microblogging – Buzz is a great way to microblog. You can just post to it without much ado about anything. You can use Buzz to express ideas or opinions that can’t occupy space on a blog post, but that are worth sharing with the world anyway. If it’s too long for Twitter, and too short for Blogspot, Buzz is where it should be.

7) Content Creation – You can post entire blog posts again using Google Reader. The world is now literally open source, thanks to Google Buzz.

8) Crowdsourcing – Crowdsourcing is a great way to keep track of genuine responses. It’s annoying to repost again and again. On Buzz, once you post, all comments to that post ensure that the post resurfaces to the top of your feed.

9) Multi-platform Publishing – If you don’t want to duplicate your content, Buzz is a great way to not do so. Several services support Buzz. It posts across sites and media, and is a great way to get many things done at the same time. You can reach out to more people this way, in a far more efficient manner.

10) Life Streaming – Buzz is a great life streaming tool, just like Friend Feed. It should support far more services soon.

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