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405YFIHair straightening is one of the latest hair style fads where people with all types of hair use hair straighteners to straighten hair, using heat. There are two types of hair straighteners; steam ceramic hair straighteners like H2 pro and regular hair straighteners. The difference between these two hair straighteners is that regular straighteners are meant for use on dry hair while the steam hair straighteners can be used on damp hair.

Steam ceramic hair straighteners come with vent channels on the sides of its flat plates for the extraction of moisture from hair and to seal the hair cuticle. This straightens the hair with the venting of steam. There are various advantages to steam hair straighteners over regular ones.

1. The greatest advantage of steam ceramic hair straighteners is that it can be used to style towel dried hair. This is because this hair straightener can be used on damp hair. This thus eliminates the need of blow drying the hair before straightening. This not only saves time, but also creates minimum heat damage to the hair.

2. Moreover, steam hair straighteners make straightening of thick and coarse hair easy because of the use of steam. These straighteners are found in various designs and sizes where the width of its flat plates can be changed for different lengths of hair. Longer hair need wider plates while shorter hair, narrower plates.

3. Steam hair straighteners like H2pro usually come with ceramic hot plates and temperature control so that you can control temperature with your hair. It is better to use more heat for thick, curly and coarse hair and lower temperatures for thinner, straighter and smoother hair.

4. There are also some steam hair straighteners that come with small teeth at its edge to comb hair before it touches the flat plate.

5. There are water tanks to store water in some ceramic hair straighteners like H2pro, to hold water to steam straighten dry hair.

Tips for choosing flat irons

It is possible to choose your flat irons by brand where the more popular ones like H2pro may cost more. However it is worthwhile paying so much for it as they give great results with hair straightening.

You can also choose your flat iron based on the color you like. There are numerous colors to choose from today like green, purple, blue, black, silver and also pink.

Buying low profile flat irons is not a bad idea either as these products have been around for a long time, and have thus built consumer confidence. Besides color and brand, you have to take the price and the features of the flat iron into consideration to make the final choice for the best iron for yourself.

Ceramic hair straighteners are relatively better

With so many flat irons to choose from, it is important that you choose the right hair flat iron for yourself. Though consumer flat irons are cheaper, the professional ceramic flat irons have ceramic heaters and thick ceramic layers on the plate.

Ceramic flat irons produce negative ions and infrared heat that is gentle to your hair. It also helps in sealing hair follicles, preserves moisture of your hair and conditions hair for added shine and health.

Though ceramic flat irons are the best for your hair straightening needs, you have to choose the right sized one as mentioned above. If you want to make curls and flips, choose plates having rounded edges.

When you buy a steam ceramic hair straightener, remember that you have to choose it based on your hair type, length and the cut and style of your hair. Retail price of these hair straighteners vary, and starts from $30 to $100. It is not necessary that you always pay more for a better ceramic hair straightener.

However if you buy your H2pro ceramic hair straightener from us, we sell it to you with a one year warranty and always free shipping. This is because we are an authorized dealer for H2pro flat irons and have a 30 days money back guarantee on your purchase.

Hair preparation before hair straightening

The first thing to do before straightening your hair is to clean it to rid it of the everyday build up of grease and dirt. If this is not done, it is possible for the ceramic hair straightener to stick to your hair, clump up and thus damage your hair.

For better handling of your hair, you have to shampoo and condition your hair using quality hydrating products. Do this either before straightening your hair, or the night before. If you are straightening damp hair, use a thermal spray for even distribution and softening of hair while drying. With this, your hair gets protected while you have an increased life of your style.

If you want to dry your hair, use a ceramic heated ionic hair dryer as it produces gentler heat for faster drying of your hair. Moreover, it produces reduced static, frizz and damage of hair shaft.

Choosing the right temperature

Never use more heat than required to style your hair, so use the temperature setting control found on the H2pro, ceramic hair straightener. High heat of about 350 – 400 degrees F is required for straightening thick, coarse and extra curly hair while 300 degrees F is enough for fine, damaged or chemically treated hair. However 300- 380 degrees F is sufficient heat for straightening normal hair.

You can tell the right temperature of the ceramic hair straightener by moistening a piece of tissue paper, and then pressing it with the flat iron. If the paper steams, and not burn, then it means that the temperature is right.

How to use a flat iron

After washing your hair, you have to use a fine comb to get rid of all tangles in your hair. You could apply some serum to your hair to flatten your hair cuticles, and thus ease its movements. However don’t apply serum too close to the roots as this will only plaster your hair to your head.

This done, you have to make sections of your hair, which are no wider than the width of the iron plate. You have to start from a side of your head, while working around to the other side.

You have to work through the hair layers to the crown of your head. While moving between sections, you have to go back over the junctions in between the straightened sections to give a more even look to your hair.

Clips help H2pro straighten your hair

If required, you could use clips to keep your hair separated while styling. These sections have to be small as too huge sections lead to uneven heating of the hair, which in turn leads to uneven styling. Moreover, smaller sections give less passes with the iron, and produces straighter hair.

If you get too much of hair in the iron, it leads to your hair taking longer to straighten. This will not only reap you of the desired hair effect, but the prolonged use of heat also leads to more damage to your hair.

On choosing the right sections, press these sections between the plates of the H2pro near your scalp. Then while maintaining gentle pressure, you have to draw the iron to the tips of your hair evenly, and moderately fast. The flat iron should not linger on any spot for too long; with practice, you will be able to get this right.

How to curl your hair with a flat iron

Flat irons are not only used for straightening your hair, but also for curling your hair. It is easier to make curls if the flat iron has rounded or curved plates. You have to clamp an inch section of your hair close to your scalp, and turn your flat iron about one and a half times in the direction you want your hair to curl.

This is when you have to hold the flat iron at this angle, and pull it along the length of the hair, while maintaining the curling position of the flat iron. This has to be repeated for all curls. Long hair may have to be pinned up to ensure that they stay put till the end. This technique may look tedious at first; however once you get the hang of things, it is pretty easy.

Tips for flipping with a flat iron

Flipping your hair is about the same as straightening your hair. The only difference is that on reaching your hair tips, you have to turn your flat iron in the direction of the flip, while gliding the flat iron along your hair. You can experiment to get different volumes of flip by starting your flip at different points of your hair.

Protecting your hair style

There is no point in just styling your hair using a ceramic hair straightener; you have to protect it to keep your hair perfectly styled throughout the day and night. Don’t brush your hair immediately after straightening as this loses the shape of the style.

Instead, if you need to do any flattening of your hair, you could do it by using some hairspray on your toothbrush. However make sure that you don’t touch the straightened areas.

Look after your ceramic hair straightener

Make sure that you maintain the condition of your flat iron by storing it in a heat proof pouch. This should also be used when traveling as it protects your H2pro well. This pouch can also be used for placing your hot flat iron, to protect your counters from possible heat damage.

Make it a point to clean your ceramic hair straightener periodically. You have to clean it more frequently if you use heat serums or leave in conditioners on your hair. However the flat iron can be cleaned only once a week if you do not these products much. This is because buildup of these hair products on the plates of the flat iron only make your hair snag, and also shortens the life of the plates.

You can clean your flat iron by heating it and then wiping it using a non-abrasive cloth. If you use leave-in treatments frequently, it is better to use a flat iron cleaner too. However don’t use chemical solvents as they are not meant for cleaning your flat iron.

With this, you will be able to maintain your H2pro ceramic hair straightener for a long time, to faithfully give you the hair straightening effects you want in your hair.

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