Twittering the LinkedIn way

twitterand linkedinWell the biggest scoop of the day is here. The professional network of LinkedIn and the social world of Twitter have joined hands. The ‘starting soon’ service will allow the users on both the channels, LinkedIn and Twitter, to cross-file to each other’s services and this is just a click away. You just need to check a box and you would soon be twittering the LinkedIn way.

To start with, LinkedIn has been admired as the major podium for professionals who try to become social through this means. At the moment LinkedIn has a huge database of more than 50 million users around the globe who have posted their bios on this elite conduit. For those who haven’t experienced LinkedIn before, it is a channel where you situate the information concerning yourself, and your present and past employment history etc so that you stay in touch with others.

However, Twitter allows you to screen short messages up to 140 characters to “followers.” LinkedIn too has an update box, which also allows you with 140 character status update.

It has also been noticed that status updates are imperative when you are a part of a social network. It helps you promote your business or services like new job offers, sales leads, and opportunities of other kinds. Twitter scores an edge over this when it comes to status update and one can notice millions of users screening out their messages to followers in every single second.

“LinkedIn users would now be able to post their Tweets automatically”, said Allen Blue, a co-founder of Twitter. “And they have the option to send only selected messages as per their wishes”, he added.

Blue also went on quoting that Twitter has been facing problems that can now be dealt with more ease after joining hands with LinkedIn. The bondage is more strategized than it appears to be.

Twitter has been facing a problem with those users who sign up without leaking their personal identification. This has increased the spamming population on Twitter like never before. Keeping that in mind, the Twitter management initiated the step to promote the professional genre and making them successful.

Twitter is most likely to take lead just knowing the fact that LinkedIn has a strong identity while Twitter is facing a huge identity crisis when it comes to authenticated user sign ups. Also LinkedIn is based on the social networking idea which lets people put their identity across the Web.

LinkedIn too has an advantage as its users who cross-post by sending Tweets will be speaking both to their followers and to a broader audience that searches for tweets by keywords.

LinkedIn’s membership growth has cooled over the last two years which is also worth a mention here, while Facebook soared high by crossing 300 million users mark. This sparked the buzz that people are heading towards the leading networks for their personal and professional connections. So the move is speculated as a desperate one as from the top notch honchos from Google to Microsoft are in a mood to tie up with Twitter presently.

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