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retweetSo, as all the Twitter maniacs know, retweeting has become a famous feature of Twitter. Ever since Twitter took form, users have been demanding this feature of promoting the tweets they find interesting or appealing. Or, speaking in Twitter’s language, retweeting.

As Twitter is adding new features to it’s site every now and then, this new feature will allow you to retweet via sms, or text messages. So you can retweet, even while you are in the bathroom.

For those, who are still Twitter-illiterate and wondering what a retweet is, here you go:

To retweet someone means to simply repeat someone’s tweet. Let’s say you see an appealing tweet and you want to reprint it so that your Twitter followers can also see it, so you will retweet it.

The exact procedure is, to start with the acronym RT or the word Retweet, succeeded by the username of someone who tweeted.(for e.g @TwitterUser) and then end with the contents of the actual tweet. So now, your followers can see the tweets retweeted by you.

Twitter is quickly moving to extend its mobile support. Retweets are live now. You don’t need an access to a computer or Internet to retweet someone’s ideas. If you like someone’s tweets and you have a mobile phone, you can easily retweet his/her ideas.

If you are in the Unites States, and you have to send retweets, all you have to do is, type “RT Username” and send it to 40404. It will basically retweet the latest tweet of the username you entered. Lets say, you like the tweet of the user ‘TwitterUser’ and you want to retweet her last tweet, you will simply type “RT TwitterUser” and send it to 40404. And her latest tweet would be retweeted by you.

It’s an awesome feature if you love retweeting and are always on the go with your cell phone in your hand. You like someone’s tweet and you want to spread the word, simply retweet it, by sms.

Another thing about live retweeting is, if you don’t want to see the retweets from any user, you can do so by visiting his profile and checking if the rotating arrow button under the user’s name is green or not. If it is not green, you won’t be getting any retweets from him.

Another noteworthy point is that these new style tweets do not appear in your ‘@replies’ segment. There is another segment for retweets and you have to go there to view the retweets, and click on “Your tweet, retweeted”. You can see your tweets retweeted by your followers, if you are lucky enough to be retweeted.

Retweets have been around on Twitter for quite some time now. What’s new is, that retweeting has gone live now. With twitter adding and subtracting new features everyday, we can only wonder what the next Twitter news blast is going to be.

Now how about You Retweeting this post 🙂

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