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“We recently hired Sonny to help us optimize our Google AdWords campaigns. We were immediately impressed with his deep level of knowledge of AdWords and his practical, no-nonsense approach. What makes Sonny unique is his e-commerce mindset, which is very results-focused. Simply put, he helps his clients to generate more qualified leads, increase conversions and grow their business.”

Chuck Frey, VISTA Training, Inc

 “Sonny was already working with ERPConsulting.com when I joined the company and it was quickly apparent that his efforts were/are vital in driving traffic to our site. Our CPC [cost per click] continues to drop due to his expertise and continuous effort. I would highly recommend Sonny, not only for SEO/SEM engagement but for all web marketing-related advice.”

Mark Synor, ERP Consulting

“After running our AdWords campaigns for only 2 months, we were gaining $3,000 to $8,000 jobs and actually had to pause one of the campaigns just so we could get caught up on all of the work and leads it generated. That’s a good problem to have.  Thank you, Sonny!”

Mike Messmer, Emergency Restoration Specialists, Inc.

 “Sonny worked on the redevelopment of our website and we have had an excellent increase in business leads through our website. I appreciated his follow-through and attention to detail as well.”

Michelle Fitzgerald, Horizons Law Group, LLC

  “Sonny has worked for me since March 2013 on a Google AdWords campaign for my orthodontic practice. Having tried to run my own AdWords campaign, I was a little reluctant to meet with Sonny at first. Not long into our first meeting, I was very impressed with Sonny’s knowledge and understanding of how Google and AdWords work. I decided to give him a try. Sonny has also offered well-thought suggestions to improve my website and thus added his AdWords campaigns. It has been six months since he started working my AdWords and we have seen a steady increase in calls to our practice. I would recommend Sonny without hesitation.”

Dr. David Griffin, Griffin Orthodontics


“As I’ve been searching for ways to market my new book, Whole Health Healing-The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible For All Ages, I was growing increasingly frustrated with the complexity of the task, and the “wolves” who seemed only interested in collecting steep fees. Then I met Sonny Ahuja, who was able to explain the process of building my brand and gaining an internet following, in easy-to-follow, practical terms. He built my ‘stunningly attractive’ web/blog sites quickly and reasonably, and he is handling my daily Twitter feeds. I’ve recommended Sonny to several of my friends already, and I think he should brand himself as The ‘down-to-earth’ internet marketing genius

Dr. Tom Potisk, Potisk chiropractic

Sonny is a clear expert with proven results in the Social Media platform. I have always known I needed to be in this media but never knew where to start. Sonny clearly defined my objectives and gave me an easy plan to execute making it so much easier to make the commitment to do it. If you want to have a successful social media game plan call Sonny!

Kevin Kowalke (The Kowalke Group and Thursday Morning Thing)

Let me start by saying that Sonny is somewhat of a legend here in Milwaukee he is one of the top Twitter users and I was lucky enough to have Sonny come and speak to my MKELive group recently and I have to say he did an amazing job keeping everyone’s attention. I continue to get compliments and people want to know when we will have him back – I think that speaks volumes about his knowledge and expertise.

Katie Felten (MKE Live)

Sonny has been extremely valuable to me as a consultant in the social media realm. He has especially been outstanding at building my Twitter following. He has a knowledge about social media that is way beyond my understanding, and I am thankful to have him on my team of consultants.

Dr. Rick Schaefer MD (Knee Specialists of Wisconsin)

We’ve had a boatload of great speakers at Wisconsin Business Owners and Sonny Ahuja was among the best. He addressed one of our largest audiences to date in December 2009. Though the audience expertise varied widely, Sonny kept everyone’s interest in the subject matter. Everyone, including some very experienced and sophisticated social media marketers, was able to come away with more than a couple of “take-aways” from Sonny’s presentation – and the business owners there without much experience were thrilled with the knowledge they gained. I met Sonny via Twitter, and meeting him in person before our “Lunch & Learn” was like meeting an old friend for the first time. If you want a down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and very real presenter on social media, you’d be doing yourself a favor to engage Sonny. Regards, Keith Klein p.s.: When Sonny spoke in December 2009 he had about 23,000 followers on Twitter. By March of 2010, that number had climbed to over 43,000. It is a family affair for the Ahuja family, too. Sonny’s lovely wife, Ami, has a similar following. Part of their success is the genuine fun they have with people. Check out #FunSat at Twitter on Saturday mornings, 10 to Noon CST.  April 5, 2010

Keith Klein, Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners

Sonny is a Social Media expert who is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience. He has a proven, successful track record with Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and others. Sonny’s presentations about Social Media are very engaging, easy to understand, and filled with valuable, thought-provoking information that you can put to use the same day. I have started following Sonny’s tips on how to use Twitter and have already seen a marked increase in quality followers and ROI. Sonny is a friendly person who’s easy to get along with and is generous with his time, energy, and resources. As a coach, he will guide you to success with patience, yet give you a push when needed. I have collaborated with him on different projects and have enjoyed working with him each time. In front of the camera, he is the consummate professional who makes you feel at ease no matter what. I highly recommend Sonny as a presenter and coach for all of your social media needs. P.S. Sonny also has a very successful retail perfume business- www.grandperfumes.com and www.perfumesmilwaukee.com March 30, 2010

Kimberly Gomez, MBA, Image Consultant & Fashion Stylist, Impeccable Image LLC

If you need someone who is an expert marketer and business builder, can get you answers without you having to spend alot of time searching…and someone who knows how to save you time and can get you massive results…IF this is the type of person you are looking for, then I HIGHLY recommend Sonny Ahuja. March 26, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

Omar Burgos
hired Sonny as a Business Consultant in 2009, and hired Sonny more than once.

Sonny definitely knows his stuff. I have heard Sonny speak a few times now on how to get social media to work for you and what it has done for him. Amazing story – amazing man! I highly recommend Sonny as an informative and entertaining speaker. I’d also recommend him to help you with your social media presence in all areas. If you want the best, you’ve found him! Diane Konrath. March 26, 2010

Diane Konrath, Owner, Organized Transformations (Professional organizer, consultant, speaker, and decorator)

Lots of folks claim to be experts, but the proof is in what it’s doing for your own business… Sonny is not only a social media expert, he’s effectively linked his online presence with that of his business and making it work profitably. March 25, 2010

Mike Farley, President, Jackson Spencer LLC

My name is James Lowry and I am the CEO & Owner of ECOS Environmental & Disaster Restoration (“ECOS”) located in Aspen, Boulder, Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction, and Steamboat.  I am writing the following testimonial for Sonny Ahuja who was been actively working on improving our website http://www.ecosenvironmental.com, our website rankings, and our PPC results. Internet search is a big focus of our company and thus I have personally handled this project.

Sonny helped improve our website dramatically in a short period of time.  Our Alexa ranking has improved from over 25 million to 2.575 million since Sonny revamped our website and added a mobile platform.  ECOS now has 85 pages indexed by Google versus none when I first met Sonny. The next project that Sonny will do for our company will be focused on our PPC strategy.

Over the last two months, our website and internet leads have totaled over $75,000 which makes for an extremely positive return on investment (ROI) for ECOS.  Based on our attractive ROI, I highly recommend Sonny to other companies looking to strengthen their website and online PPC results. March 2015

James Lowry, CEO ECOS Environmental & Disaster Restoration

Sonny really helped my business turn around to be profitable again. We have gone from 1 lead every week to at times now over 15 leads a week!!! Thanks and look forward to working with you for years to come! March 2015

David Beavers, CEO Water Damage Team (DCWaterRestoration.com, MDWaterRestoration.com, VAWaterRestoration.com)

This letter is to serve as a personal testimonial for Sonny Ahuja and his online marketing services. My cleaning and restoration firm, Soil-Away, hired Sonny Specifically for PPC Google ad campaigns. Sonny’s service and leave of expertise have been nothing but phenomenal. Any restoration contractor serious about getting results with online marketing should consider working with Sonny and his team.

Prior to hiring Sonny, we worked with a revolving door of “PPC experts” to help with our online advertising. We even tried to manage Google Adwords ourselves, We were never happy with the result. It wasted time, money, and opportunity. Sonny had solved our online advertising problem.

There are numerous benefits to working with Sonny. First is that he specializes in the cleaning and restoration industry benefits to working with Sonny. First is that he specializes in the cleaning and restoration industry. He understands how to get the phone to ring for our business. The second is that he communicates well. He reports results regularly and is always available to help. the final benefit of working with Sonny is that he is proactive about continuously improving. He always keeps up with online advertising trends and methodologies.

In closing, I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with Sonny. In addition to being a great vendor for Soil-Away, he is a friend. Sonny cares about his client’s success and that is why we work with him.

March 28, 2015

Jashua Solloway, Director of Client Services, Soil Away cleaning & Restoration Services, LLC