Sonny has 4 children and recently moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta. He owned designer perfume stores in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Madison and Appleton (Wisconsin). His perfume store was present at business to business trade shows in Chicago, New Orleans, Memphis and Gatlinburg. He then transitioned his fragrance business into an ecommerce store GrandPerfumes.com which has clients all over U.S., Europe, South America and Australia.

In order to drive traffic he started to utilize PPC, SEO, and Social Media outlets Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Sonny is well connected in the social media realm:

  • Over 44,000+ Twitter followers
  • 5,000+ Facebook friends and fans
  • Thousands of LinkedIn connections

He speaks at the Experience event and also is a speaker at Totally Booked University and does personal workshops and webinars for business owners. He has an eCommerce mindset and is business savvy for helping you maximize your lead generation.

Sonny speaks on topics related to internet marketing, mainly Pay Per Click, SEO, and Social Media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Below are a few benefits of using PPC, SEO & Social Media by small to mid size businesses.

Using PPC can help you get and keep relevant traffic flowing to your website. Here are a few benefits of using PPC.

payperclickHighly-targeted website traffic

The way to increase the quality of website traffic is through assigning different ad copies for specific keywords. Schedule your ads to run during best times and local geographic locations.

payperclickSpeed to Market

PPC ad can be launched quickly, unlike organic SEO.

It  can bring in targeted traffic and qualified leads to your website.


Expanding your online visibility and helping you establish your company as a leader is obtained through directing additional traffic to be sent to your website.

payperclickMaximize the return on investment

You only pay as you go with PPC, it’s easy to determine your ROI, track conversions, and manage your marketing cost. You can compare and contrast your PPC ROI against other tactics you might use. Your data then is reported correctly and accurately and your campaign can be tracked thoroughly this way.

payperclickTesting capabilities

Testing keywords out is low risk and enables you to determine if full site optimization is worthwhile. It’s another great landing page tester too.

You can pick and choose which traffic gets directed to different pages of your site.

Sonny also enjoys speaking about the benefits of SEO. Here are just a few of these benefits:

best seo servicesCost effectiveness

Customers that are already searching for your service or product can be targeted by your strategy. This differs from outbound marketing strategies that target large and broad audiences with much more cost and variable success rates. The cost and time to scale for SEO can be done in-house or outsourced to experts in the field.

best seo servicesIncreased Traffic

It’s well known that the top 3 clicks on the top of the search engine results page receive the majority of traffic. The higher you rank on the SERP’s, the more people will click your website.

best seo servicesGet ahead of the competition

Customers on search pages do not go through multiple search pages to find what their looking for. Beat the many other competitors with websites online by ranking higher and be the first business customers see.

best seo servicesMeasurable results

With traditional media such as Radio, TV, or Print, it’s hard to have a formula for computing your ROI. On the other hand you can monitor and measure the results of your effort through comprehensive results with SEO.

best seo servicesImprove Brand Awareness

People trust Google to show them the best results, so on top of increasing traffic to your website, you high rank instills credibility to your brand. This also associates your business with the key words customers are searching for.

best seo servicesLong term results

You want to focus on making gradual results with your SEO that will be lasting. Don’t think that you have to work hard forever to keep these results, you will have to start out strong but once you obtain results, it’s much easier to maintain them.

best seo servicesIncreased site user-friendliness

Google uses crawler’s to probe websites and find its content, so SEO requires improving your website’s architecture to make it easier for the search engine crawlers to do their job. Don’t exclude making your website using responsive design and mobile friendly designs for users who visit with different technology devices. These strategies aren’t only about improving your ranking, rather it’s more important for improving your visitor’s experience when they visit you online.

Lastly, you will want to gain knowledge from Sonny about how to maximize your Social Media to hone in your marketing efforts and the golden tickets you are looking for, more leads and conversions.

social media seo“Making Connections” rather than “Trying to Sell”

Companies need to use various means, including sites like Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. It is required to socially interact with people in order to change the context of customer relationships from trying to sell to a better way to engage and connect with customers.

social media seoUsing “Small Acts” instead of “Large Campaigns”

Small acts can be more valuable because people will inevitably share such experiences through the social web on sites like Facebook and Twitter, because they are like broadcasting networks, and businesses would rather do this than spend millions of dollars on traditional ad campaigns. Very bad or very good experiences with a company are broadcast entirely different today than in the past, taking only a moment to post something on Facebook or with followers on Twitter rather than having to tell all our friends, neighbors, and co-workers about it that could take days or weeks. This makes even the smallest issues important, with every customer experience easily broadcasted to the world.

social media seoFrom “Controlling Our Image” to “Being Ourselves”

Yes there can be bad press for companies and companies need to have employee policies, however the very popular companies in this era of social media are the ones who give the most space for their employees to be themselves in online spaces. No longer should the goal be to control the polished image everyone once was looking for, but to give employees the ability and ok to be human beings that can put a friendly face on the corporation. Building positive relationships with your employees will help the company in the long run.

social media seo“Available Everywhere” no longer “Hard to Reach”

Gone are the days of just having an email address and customer service number on one’s website to engage with customers. People are more and more wanting to interact with and engage businesses via various forms of communication like Facebook, discussion forums, Twitter or even a feedback site like Get Satisfaction. It can make many social media users feel much more comfortable doing business with you as a company if you are available on the platforms that are most used for social interaction with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube whenever they are having an issue.

If you happen to be a service provider, and want people to see what you have to offer, there is no better speaker and way to add an impressive experience for your target audience, service, or industry than Sonny’s highly effective SEO, Social Media, and PPC speaking engagements.

Call or email Sonny at sonny@sonnyahuja.com for pricing.