Guidelines for retailers to use social media

social-networksThe retailers are in an unusual position for using the social media in imaginative ways. The retailers vigorously use the Facebook and Twitter for their private use so to request them to post for work is easily done. Aim: Having discussions close to your institution creating useful social capitol.

Linking the online and the offline clients experience is a strong method to play with the client at higher level and communicate more about your trade, artifacts and services. You can check @Giapo and @Thewinevault or @Mojooldbank for some terrific examples of how retailers can employ the social media.

You will need a computer or an iPhone at your workplace so that the retail people can post updates to the business account. It is important and sensible to have a look at @Cotweet or @Hootsuite. These are the tools you use to manipulate your Twitter and Facebook profiles so that all your employees and the stores can go to and post to the same account.

Think about unusual ideas, let your imagination go and find out some terrific ideas for your business. Here are some to start with.

1. Upload the new inventory:

Uploading the fashion of the upcoming season is thrilling. Your staff will probably want to try new items and also may be use their discounts on some of the items. Now if you possess FlipCam it is possible to take video of this and upload it to Youtube and Facebook. Your people can communicate the way they want and collect information from the community about what is in demand this season.

2. Show the items:

Demonstrate your products! Let people see your products, show them the gadgets, and communicate the new technology used in the shoes, the quicker processor of the new Netbook or even the class of the material in the suits for the winter. You are sharing the know how of the items and also are building confidence and giving your clients the power and asking the followers to be more informed about the company and you and the items.  This makes them look better when they discuss with their peers afterwards.

The video and the images are important to the content. The visual effect is quick and people understand and recognize. This will result in your product viewed and discussed in social media at the earliest. Too much text pushes people off.

3. Register for @Foursquare:

Foursquare is a IPhone and Android tool and is location based. You can use this application to sign in to locations which are close by.  All businesses such as cafe, bar, retail stores, restaurants which have an existence should sign up. After this you offer special deals to the main businesses. The business that signs in more than anyone is considered as the main or the mayor of your business. If others check in more they automatically become the mayor. The @Giapo gives the mayor a free of cost Gelato and @Mojooldbank has a coffee card system where after the 5th check in there is a free coffee on offer.

4. Queries and Help:

Questioning and replying to your followers is the best way to keep them happy. All your employees should be involved in the question answers posted by the public and actively ask queries ask for the opinions about the new items and also which kind of items they want you to store.

Client support has become very social so being close to the clients is so important to the business. Being available when asked upon is a magnificent way of connecting with them, support them, and build a trusting relationship with your clients.

5. Important news and Information:

Each and every client standing near your counter buying something should be queried “Are you a member on Twitter or Facebook?” You will find that most of them will say yes to Facebook and some to Twitter, but if you inform them that there is information and discounts which they can see if they follow you it will certainly give confidence to them to participate more.

You must tell everyone that walks in through the door about Facebook Fan page and the Twitter account and the client should walk out knowing how to search you. It will be even better if you have a computer in the workplace. You can communicate with them and ask for the name and take them to your Facebook page with the discounts you are offering to them. You can repeat that for Twitter as well. Follow the customer and also thank them for dropping in.

Every communication with the client is a conversation, the more constructive and more interesting it is and about your business the better it is.

As always don’t forget to leave me your feedback!

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