How to Save Money by Adding Negative Keywords

Are you paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your AdWords campaigns for IRRELEVANT clicks?  Unless you have added NEGATIVE Keywords to your campaign, I can almost guarantee you that you are.

I had a client who was wasting over 70% of their AdWords pay per click money due to not knowing about this trick.

Google itself says “Negative keywords can help you reach the MOST interested customers, reduce your costs, and INCREASE your return on investment.”

Using Negative keywords prevents you from wasting ad spend on keywords that aren’t relevant to your business or it’s audience.


Here’s an Example:

Let’s say your company provides windows replacement service for residential & commercial buildings.

Naturally one of the main keywords that you will advertise on Google will be windows.

So let’s say you do launch a campaign with the keyword windows in broad match in order to show your ads to prospects looking for:

vinyl windows

pella windows

windows replacement

house windows

new home windows

energy star windows

storm windows

custom windows

double hung windows

and hundreds more…

…which is what most companies would do especially if they don’t have an expert setup or manage their campaign.


But here’s a MAJOR problem:

What about windows related to computers/software etc…?

Or worst, what about windows related to auto/vehicles?


Which means your ads can also show in searches like: 

windows live

windows vista

windows download

microsoft windows

windows mobile

windows update

install windows

windows media player

64 bit windows

windows msn

windows 98

windows 2000

and so on…


Not only those, but the ads can also show in search phrases like:

auto windows

cracked truck windows

repair windows of pick up

chipped windows

break in windows

windows for Nissan

and so on…


Simply add words like live, vista, download, Microsoft, auto, car, truck, Nissan, pick up, etc… as NEGATIVE keywords and your ads stop showing any time any of the negative keywords are added in search phrases.

You can probably imagine now how many companies are wasting money on search engines by NOT adding NEGATIVE keywords to their campaigns.  I sincerely hope yours is not one of them.


If you would like to learn how one business (simply by using this tip) got to a point where they had to stop ALL marketing for 3 months in order to catch up with a very high volume of leads they got in VERY short period of time: Go to the right side of this page and sign up to receive my 4 Case Studies that PROVE how any business can grow rapidly.

And of course, if you would like me to take a peek at your AdWords campaigns, let me know…

To Your Success,

Sonny Ahuja



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