Who says I am Fat?

homePreciseEleganteNot as long as you are on twitter. Unless you’re ok with your friends noticing those extra pounds building up on you. If you always complain your loved one is not noticing your new slim and trim look, Withings has got just the thing for you.

Withings has launched a new product, which is a Wi-Fi connected bathroom scale, currently priced at $159, which keeps a track of all your weight details. It records your body weight, lean and fat mass, and also calculates the body mass index ( BMI). But isn’t that something that an advanced bathroom scale would do? Wait, it’s got more. It records your details and sends them to a secure web page, your iPhone and your Twitter account!

If you’re already complaining about that creepy neighbor trying to spy on you, Withings has got this new one for you to deal with.

It is a product to die for, if you fancy spies.

So what’s the use of such a product? Actually it’s your embarrassment. When your friends notice those extra pounds on you, and comment you on your chubby looks, you are bound to rush to the stationary cycle or the tread mill, for your work out, and it will keep you fit and healthy.

But don’t panic too soon, and decide not to buy it. This scale also comes with control to disable sharing your weight details. If you don’t want the world to know your actual weight, because you are tweeting about your rippling muscular physique, you can go to the company’s website, www.withings.com and follow their instructions to disable the features. You can also view the product demo on the site.

To make the scale work for you, you have to follow a Twitter set up process. During this process, you can set Twitter alerts to get posted automatically every time you get on the scale. You can also make the tweets get posted daily, or weekly or monthly, according to your preferences. The tweets will show your present weight and the number of pounds you have left to achieve your goal.

Even if you choose not to tweet your weight records, you can still monitor your progress on a website that will show you your progress graphically. It will help you keep track of your weight fluctuations. It is already proved that people who record their weight regularly are more successful in reaching their weight goals than the people who don’t

Keeping the log for your weight is not a big deal either. Just get on the scale and the data would be transferred using Wi-Fi to your secure web page. This web page can only be viewed by you and thankfully is not open for other tweeters.

Whether this product is going to be successful or not, one thing is certain, twitter is adding more and more features to it, every day. We can just hope the next product won’t be a bathroom camera!

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