High Conversion Responsive Website Design

Does your website scale down and look GREAT on PC, mobile AND tablet screen sizes?

If NOT, you will want to upgrade your website to a Responsive Design.

Here’s what I mean by this:

When a visitor comes to your website using their mobile phone, iPad, Galaxy Note, Laptop, Personal Computer, etc…, are the pages and main menu user friendly and easy to navigate no matter what technology they are using?  Unless your site has been upgraded to a responsive design, the answer would be NO.

Is a responsive design the SAME as a mobile design?

NO.  Here’s why:

A mobile design requires you to create a second website.  You will have your original one for viewing on a PC, and a specially designed “mobile only” website or subdomain for phone users to view and access.  The drawbacks to choosing mobile design over responsive will be:

  • you may have to pay for separate website / template
  • you may have to purchase a secondary domain
  • many mobile website template designers charge a monthly fee to keep your mobile website running
  • the mobile design templates do not change sizes to match tablets or PCs

IN CONTRAST, a responsive design would require you to have only ONE website which has been specifically coded to adapt to all screen sizes no matter what device your website visitors are using.

Due to the ease of use and effectiveness of it, responsive design is by far the mostwidely used and most popular method of designing websites today.  That is why, unless otherwise specified by our clients, we ALWAYS design our high converting website projects this way.  It just MAKES SENSE!

If you are looking to build a new website, I urge you to ask your designer / developer (or me) to create it using responsive design coding.

If you already have a website and it is not responsive, no problem!  You can have it re-coded into a responsive design.  Here are 7 reasons to do this RIGHT AWAY:

responsive web development1) Mobile Phone Usage is Off the Hook! 

  • Over 25% of emails are opened on mobile phones (with over 10% on tablets)
  • 25% of US internet users use only their mobile phones to access the web
  • On Google, 20% of searches are done with mobile devices
  • 61% of people are more engaged in a brand / business when offered an enjoyable mobile experience
  • Over 50% of local internet searches in 2012 were done on mobile devices

responsive web development2) It improves SEO / Website Conversion

The fact is:  Google prefers web design over mobile template.  To reduce the risk of SEO errors, it is better for Google to bot crawl one website URL, rather than two.

Having one website that converts in all technologies will typically perform better all the way around.

responsive web development3) Fast Over Furious

We seem to be in the age of SOONER than later.  If your website visitor can’t find what they are looking for on your web page in a matter of seconds, they may become frustrated and immediately go to a competitor’s page.  Sad but TRUE.

designing responsive websites4) 65% of Social Media Activity is Performed on Mobile Phones

Need I say more?


designing responsive websites5) Ease and Accessibility

Most people want their internet experience to be simple.  Your site should not only look good but it should also load fast.  A PC only designed website takes much longer to load on a mobile device, thus increasing your chances of losing a sale.  As stated above, faster is better.  People are 67% more likely to purchase a product or service if they have a good mobile experience.

designing responsive websites6) Tablet Users Will Be Happy

Regular website design not only do not scale down to fit mobile phone screens properly, they also do not scale down to fit the screens of iPads, Galaxy Notes, Kindles and other large hand held devices.  A mobile only website will also not convert.  Essentially the tablets get ignored.  With a responsive design all screen sizes are covered and all users will view your website in all its high performance glory.

designing responsive websites7) Prepares You for the Future

Now that your website is in responsive design, it can scale up or down to whatever size device it is displayed upon.  Whether is being displayed on a new TV, micro device, watch, accessory or whatever else the future technology designers come up with, your website will look AWESOME!

Understanding the importance of this, I make this an important part of my High Converting Website Designing process.  If you are ready to jump into the future and convert your current website to a responsive design, I’d love to help you out.

Of course if you don’t have a website yet, I’d be happy to create and design it for you the RIGHT way.

To Your Success,

Sonny Ahuja

All websites can be optimized and changed to a high conversion responsive design. Call or email Sonny at sonny@sonnyahuja.com for pricing.