21 Outside-The-Box Marketing Tips and Tricks

Here are some creative ideas related to products, mailing and pricing that can take your brand / business to the next level. These tips go hand-in-hand with the “39 Online Marketing Tips and Tricks That Work in 2014 (and Beyond!)” and “40 Marketing Tips & Tricks to Give You the Edge Over Your Competition” reports I offer on my “100 Marketing Tips and Tricks That WORK” page.
Create OFFLINE, In-Hand Products: Physical, personalized / branded items that contain valuable information are great tools to offer your ideal clients. An In-Hand item can many times be more effective at keeping you or your business top-of-mind. These are the kinds of things that can sit on top of someone’s desk or be transferred from one individual to another. There is also a certain amount of credibility given to those whose brand shows up in print. It puts you or your business in the driver’s seat as an instant authority. Here are 3 of the most popular offline products to create and offer:

1. Books
2. Individual CDs / DVDs
3. DVD Program / Series Package

4. HOT TIP: Create and market an E-commerce Page landing page for your website. Let the power of the internet allow you to make money on your physical products while you sleep.
Create ONLINE Products: Offering digital downloading seems to be the simplest, most cost effective way to get your information out to others. Many people these days are looking for simplicity and organization. A quick link to books that need no shelf space and videos that need no cabinets has become the norm. Anything that is in digital form fits the parameter of the computer, tablet and mobile age we live in today. Here are 5 online product / marketing ideas to create and offer as downloads:

5. E-Books / Workbooks
6. “How To” Video Series
7. MP3 / Audio Book
8. Live Webinar Recordings

9. HOT TIP: Offer Video / MP3 Interview Series. Partner up with others and tap into / offer their expertise as well!
Give Away FREE Stuff: There are very few people that will pass up the chance to take advantage of a free item or service. These 3 ideas are the most common complementary give-aways that work:

10. Small Handbooks / Reports
11. Complimentary Consultation, Estimate, Session, Etc…
12. Branded Merchandise – Pens, Water Bottles, Paper pads, etc…
Use Direct Mail: Although exchanging information on the internet is the mainstream, receiving something in the mail still holds a certain amount of substance. It adds a personalized touch that shows you care and are willing to step outside the box for your ideal clients. Think about the difference in feeling you get when you receive a “Thank You” card in your mailbox as opposed to a “Thank You” email. Here are 3 Direct Mail tips:
13. Send “Bump” Mail – bulky mail that includes Branded Merchandise, photos, samples, etc… This is an immediate attention grabber.

14. Send a Hand-Written Letter – a personal touch can go a long, long way in gaining your clients respect, admiration and interest.

15. Create Greeting Card Campaigns – Send Out Cards is a great service for automating holiday cards, thank you’s or Birthday cards for your clients. You can personalize them with photos, signatures, gifts, etc…

Upsell: Do your clients want “basic” level products / service or “platinum”? Give them the option!

16. Offer Tiered options – Gold / Silver / Platinum
17. Offer an Upgrade to Product / Service Already Sold

Pricing / Payments: The simpler you can make your payment process, the better. Here are 4 tips to make the purchase process simple, easy and fast for you and your buying prospects:

18. Integrate with Paypal / Credit Card Processing
19. Offer “Buy Now” Discounts With an Immediate Deadline
20. Offer Discounts Specific to an Event
21. Offer Quick Pay or Cash Discounts

When it comes to products and payments: customer service, personalization, branding and ease of use are key. Quality, products or services offered in a simple, effective way that is beneficial to your ideal clients will get you the sale. I hope these 21 tops are helpful to you. Be sure to check out my other reports listed above for additional marketing tips.

To Your Success,
Sonny Ahuja

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