MySpace Advantages – Social and Professional Spaces Interacting Beneficially

Advantages of MySpace

myspace-logoMySpace or short for is a social networking website and is one of the largest online communities available today. The objective of MySpace is to bring people from various communities to a single meeting place and it opens up a lot of opportunities to network with new friends, meet old friends, bring together  business partners and even encourage matchmaking. MySpace is a world in itself and it brings together various races, occupations, orientations and social classes together making a powerful group to interact with each other. The advantages of using MySpace are many and a few of them are listed here:

  1. Meeting people from across the globe: MySpace is a collection of people from all across the world and includes people from various professions, races, cultures and religions. It thus opens up a lot of vistas to get to know new people and network with old friends and acquaintances who are unreachable. This kind of networking and interaction encourages people to improve their understanding and knowledge base with respect to regions and cultures across the globe.
  2. Cultural learning: All of us grow up in a singular culture normally inculcated by our parents and family. As a result, we are not knowledgeable about other cultures that exist. MySpace puts members in touch with diverse cultures and religions thus improving understanding and knowledge. This is done on MySpace through discussions and chats that are a part of its culture.
  3. Connecting offline: Due to MySpace befriending a lot of connections come face to face in real life resulting in great interaction and traditional networking. Although MySpace integrates communities across the world, it is easy to find friends in one’s own geographical area. If a member is a traveler, having friends at different geographical areas is a distinct advantage for securing information as well as social company.
  4. Building businesses: Although MySpace is a social platform it is a great tool to network for building business, especially those that involve multi-level marketing. Moreover, getting to know people from various countries encourages professional relationships in the form of partnerships and representation to build and expand businesses geographically.
  5. Job opportunities: Many organizations are always scouting for good talent and MySpace is one of the places they look to for good people. A good profile and a detailed bio on MySpace is thus a good gateway to a great employment opportunity. Also, since many organizations do have a MySpace profile through the employee network, it is easy to find a dream job here than going through the rigmarole of using or any other job search site. It is highly entertaining as well as paying.
  6. Size: MySpace is of the biggest and oldest social networks on the internet today and more often than not, a member can find who he or she searches for. Compared to other social networking website, MySpace is also the most visited, so the number of dormant members on MySpace is quite small.
  7. Multimedia: A lot of multimedia features are available all across MySpace and what is more interesting is that they can be used for free on member’s websites. Contributing to this collection can be fun and interesting.
  8. Editing: MySpace profile is highly customizable and a member can add almost anything to it using Java and HTML editing features.
  9. Communication: MySpace offers a variety of communication features to its member that include email, instant messaging, forums, blogs, groups and bulletin boards that can be used to keep in touch with friends and family at almost no cost at all.

With so many advantages, MySpace is one of the first social networking websites to have captured the imagination of the young. Although, initially MySpace was launched as an alternative to instant messaging for the young and the romantic, it has grown enough to attract more and more middle-aged people as well as retirees to its fold owing to the advantages it offers. Today, almost 60% of the people who use MySpace are over 35 years of age and that speaks volumes about how MySpace has matured over time to offer advantages.

A few statistics related to MySpace (as of 2008):

# Active users –  MySpace has over 100 million active users who visit monthly from various parts of the globe.

# Age group – 85% of MySpace users are above 18 and have voting rights which makes it a very strong platform.

# Almost 25% of Americans use MySpace and in the UK, having a MySpace account is as common as owning a dog.

# MySpace is so popular that over 300,000 people sign up on a daily basis from various countries.

# MySpace has overtaken all imaginable website traffic targets and is the most trafficked website in the USA attracting over 4.5 billion hits a day.

# MySpace is localized and translated in over 20 countries that include Norway, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Latin America, US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, Italy, Canada and Mexico.

# MySpace was designated as the fastest growing website of all times and it still so, the following figures would tell you why

–          100 billion data rows in the main database

–          20 billions emails on site stored by users for personal use

–          5 million mails/day (surpasses Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo)

–          Over 14 billion comments onsite posted by members

–          Over 10 billion friend relationships

–          Over 60,000 videos uploaded to MySpaceTV daily, although it is not Youtube this reflects member loyalty.

–          Over 8 million image uploads daily.

–          Over 8 million bands and artist listings

Being Los Angeles based, MySpace has always been partial to arts and music and no wonder many bands and artists have been born and grown on MySpace ultimately gaining traditional recognition beyond all dreams.

Not having a MySpace account today is as good as being left out in the cold. Almost everyone who visits the internet for some purpose or the other has a MySpace account and cherishes it.

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