Why Microsites Bring You More Sales

Before I go ahead and tell you about how to benefit from microsites, let me explain what a microsite is first.

Defining a Microsite

It would be a website technically, but not as large as what we would actually see in the online world usually. A microsite is different from a normal website, because it is small (sometimes only one page), and normally is correlated to another “mother” website online.

There are other terms used for microsites, such as weblets, landing pages or even minisites too.

How Does One Take Advantage of Microsites?

There are many ways people search for what they want online. Microsites actually help customers to zoom in on what they want, and find it easily and effortlessly. These small sites not only focus directly on specific products or services, they provide a direct seamless path for your target market to follow.

Owners need to be very focused on the product or idea they would like to sell. The information thus given out should be limited to not more than a few pages. This would help the search engines scan the resource and make it easy for the prospective clients to find. Done correctly, these sites can also lead those same prospects to your mother website for more.

Benefits of Using Microsites

1.     Branding solutions

With the help of microsites, services and products are helped in more ways than one. The way you brand your microsite can take you to an all new arena of prospects. It is a great way to expand on or create a new brand for your company and tap into additional markets.

2.     Detailing

When clients find relevancy to what they are looking for, it makes sense then for them to come and check out your offers. This is why microsites and detailing go hand in hand.  The more you can clarify your offer, the more likely you are to sell.

3.     Clear path to navigate on

When you focus on the strategies and ideas, microsites makes the perfect online tool for calls to action.  There would be no distractions and obstructions whatsoever, clients would be able to focus on what they want faster and sooner.

4.     Better SEO rankings

A microsite would enjoy better search engine optimization rankings, since they have their own URL, uniquely created. The simpler the name you give it, the easier it is for the customer to search for and find something particular. The address would be remembered easily too and the algorithm used by reputed search engines would bring the contents up in the search rankings sooner.

5.     Marketing Campaign assistance

If you are doing an email campaign, wouldn’t it be nice to have a direct call to action in it with a focused website to showcase or enhance that?  Here is where a microsite really comes in handy.  It can also be used in all your online marketing, social media campaigns as well.

Additional Microsite Benefits

Microsites also help with grabbing the audience’s attention, since most look at the home page for a lasting impression when the first visit is made. Online footprints too would be created with microsites, which means more rankings on a higher scale and results of organic search marketing would be qualitative too.

Creating microsites helping helps you do testing for different campaigns or branding styles. With various campaign messages tried, you can ensure that your company’s marketing needs are met by finding out what works the best. Microsites are a great way to discover and gauge your audience’s needs. This would inform you on what resonates with the crowds and what doesn’t and which direction to take your campaigns.

If you would like to share your success stories in using microsites, please do so below.


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