The Business Journal (The Greater Milwaukee Edition)

Reinventing Himself:  Retailer Closes Store, Uses Social Media to Launch Web business

“His consulting business is unique because he understands the interplay of social media and search engine optimization in a way few people do, said Paul Parsons, a Cedarburg business coach who has worked informally with Ahuja. Ahuja also has personal experience making his strategies work for his business, Parsons said.” Click below for full story.



How Website Optimization Helped a Small-Business Owner Bounce Back From Debt

“By 2009, the couple had shuttered four of their stores and had accumulated about $150,000 in supplier debt. But Sonny took action and decided to revamp the company into an online business, teaching himself how to build and optimize his website. Within three years of closing their final store in 2010, the couple has built two successful online businesses and paid off all of their creditors.” Click below for full story.



7 Common Sales Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

“ “Five years ago I had seven stores selling designer perfumes and colognes in all major malls of Wisconsin,” he says. When he began losing customers to Amazon and eBay, Ahuja decided to close his stores and move his business online.” Click below for full story.


Financial Post

How Website Optimization Can Save Your Business

“After five years of running their perfume business, Sonny and Ami ran into trouble.  Online competition and the financial crisis dented their profits, forcing them to close four store and  come up with a strategy to keep their business alive.  In the end, salvation came in closing the rest of their outlets and optimizing their website to thrive as an online business.” Click below for full story.


Biz Times

Not a Pretty Picture for Kodak

“But rather than put his head in the sand as Kodak did, Ahuja learned how to design e-commerce websites and launched” Click below for full story.


NBC News

Four ways a Wisconsin perfume retailer overcame debt and started over to find new success online

Click below for full story.


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