Is This a New World?

I have begun to think now since quite a few days, have any Gods come down on the earth? Are there some super natural beings among us? Of course there hasn’t been any such announcement on any news channel or news broadcast, but maybe it is possible! It could be possible that some extraordinary beings do exist among us, who look just the same, like any common individual, but are empowered, with some special power. Why do I think so? Well, because I see a new world. Like the little atoms came together and formed molecules and more molecules years ago, over the past 40-50 odd years, this world also came together piece by piece. Just that none of us noticed what was in the making, and today that we have this entire creation before us, we are in awe.

As you have probably guessed, I am talking about the online world, that almost everyone is a part of today, except those who are afraid of change. This world that was created by seemingly ordinary beings bestowed with the gift of novel ideas in technology, the technological Gods if I might call them, was set into creation mode somewhere in the 1960s with the first e-mail. Little did anyone think then that one day the world would come to the state in which it is now – so technologically advanced! But today, now that we stand audience to this whole new world, we know exactly how far we have reached.

All of the various social networking sites that are available to us today – Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are in plain and simple terms the various elements of the new world. Why am I calling it a new world? Because, we see almost every aspect of our dear old world, slightly modified and made more interesting when we go online. Take for example, an e-mail, which is a reflection of the ordinary letters sent across by those in the past, the online video chat is a replacement for personal meetings – like people popped into people’s houses you can today pop up in people’s inboxes; photographs posted online are like the traditional photo albums, you make friends online, you have people annoying you with random requests, you have people making groups, through the themes you even have the option of making  your page (your city of this new world) look like how you would want your space to look! What more does one need in a world? Doesn’t there exist here every single thing that would be required to term a space as a ‘world’? I believe that pretty much everything is complete; the social media has come up with an alternate world. Orkut, Facebook, etc in fact have even created new identities for us, identities which we need not worry about tarnishing or messing up, identities in which we need not be ashamed of being part of a Mafia, of being bakers, or cabbies or even farmers, identities which do not force on us white collared jobs and other such differences, identities where in we are not obligated to anyone, identities which let us be free and comfortable.

So, even if you do find elements of ‘a world’ missing, a few blank spaces, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Like the present world has been evolving from centuries, this world will also evolve; evolve to great extents, till probably one day, you might even see smaller animated versions of you doing all sorts of things in there. Therefore, I must say, that indeed we are all lucky today, lucky to be able to witness the beginning of a new creation, the beginning of a new civilization!

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