How to Use a Ceramic Flat Iron?

Flat Iron

h2pro-207-yviFlat Irons are modern hair straighteners that has a heating element, like a heating plate on either side, made up of ceramic materials, aluminum, Nano silver, Titanium Oxide, Tourmaline, Iron etc, cased in a plastic holder with a plastic or rubber handle. It comes in various vibrant and cool colors and also in various sizes according to the person’s kind and volume of hair. It is highly efficient, safe and quicker than the hot combs or heated rods. They are used to style hair to make them straight, curly, straight pony, bun, up sweep etc. Thermal Protectors are used to protect hair from harsh effects of high temperature.

Ceramic Flat Iron

Ceramic flat Irons are hair straighteners which use ceramic heaters, on either side of the clamp, which is mixed with materials like titanium and tourmaline to boost the output. Most ceramic flat irons are made with aluminum or titanium coated with ceramic layers. More the ceramic layers, more flexible it is to use according to the need and style and more precise to choose the temperatures. But such Flat Irons might damage the hair if the ceramic layer is worn out.

Despite being expensive, it is beneficial to use pure ceramic Iron, provided it is handled carefully. Invisible Infrared rays are used in all ceramic flat irons that employ far infrared heating. Nano materials like Nano silver to inhibit bacterial growth, Nano titanium for even heat distribution in hair and Nano titanium oxide to inhibit chemical reactions are added to the ceramic layer. Tourmaline is also added to boost negative ion output to produce smooth and sleek hair styles.

Steps to use a flat iron

Clean hair is a must :

*Use a good hydrating or moisturizing shampoo and cleanse the hair thoroughly because the hair should be hydrated, cleaned and must be free of dust, dirt and grease.

No Ironing without Thermal Protectors:

*Thermal Protectors like sprays, creams and foams are available in the market and are used to protect the hair from the harsh infrared rays from the ceramic heater that may denature the hair on a prolonged usage and from chemical damage that may lead to hair breakage.

*Conditioners reduce the harmful effects of hair straightening by heating drastically. Using the right kind of conditioners is mandatory. Thermal protectors also provide shine, gloss and neat appearance. Use these products on wet hair.

Must dry well for good results:

*There are no shortcuts to straight or curly silky hair. You have to be patient, alert and careful throughout the process. After applying or spraying the thermal protector thoroughly on hair, the hair must be dried extensively using a hair dryer.

*The hair must not be damp at all. If the heating is done on damp hair, the hair might puff up or frizz up giving an odd incomplete look spoiling the style. Let the hair dry slowly and completely.

Choosing the Flat Iron:

*The Flat iron must be chosen according to the style, volume of hair, kind of hair and other hair conditions. Flat irons with temperature setting facility should be preferred and must be of the right size according to the amount of hair.

*Flat Irons come in various sizes and colors. If the Iron is smaller it is more portable and less maintenance is required. Being patient, slow and careful heating of finer and thinner portions of hair will yield better results.

*If you require professional quality, choose ceramic flat iron made of pure ceramics with no aluminum or titanium.

Choose the right temperature:

*The right temperature is chosen according to the type of hair, type of style and the amount of time, the hair is going to stay with the style. If lower temperature is used, it is safe for chemically treated or colored hair and also provides fast hair straightening which is not so harmful but stays that way for less time only.

*The lower temperature is around 300 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest temperature is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Nominal temperature of 350 to 380 degrees Fahrenheit is pretty much enough to make good hair styles.

*So it is wise to buy the Flat iron with variable temperature settings. For those who are straightening curly hair, it is advised to use 420 to 430 degree Fahrenheit for good results.

Using the Flat Iron – Being Slow and Steady yields better results :

*It is advisable to use a flat iron on the hair only if its clean and completely dry. The time required to heat a portion of hair depends on the volume of hair in the clamps and the type of style. Be patient and steady.

*Make sections of hair starting from the back(near neck) all the way back to the forehead step by step. Whenever a section of hair is dealt, rest of the hair is clipped so that it doesn’t interrupt you to heat the hair section by section. Make as many hair sections as possible for better results. Do not apply too much pressure on the hair too.

*The amount of hair to be heated between the clamps depends on its plate width. Do not try too much of hair at once because it may require long amount of time and also cause uneven straightening or may even damage hair extensively.

*The heater must be used in a smooth pace without stopping abruptly at any place while dealing with a part of the hair section.

*Use a comb when you deal with a part of the section to guide the heater all the way from almost the root to the tip of the hair alternatively. Make sure that the heater does not touch the scalp or the ears. So it is advised to be patient, slow and steady so that the process yields sleek, smooth and shiny hair.

Styling requires creativity and patience :

*Before you start styling the hair, use a hair spray evenly and completely. Whenever you deal with a section of hair while straightening or while styling, use a hair spray to set the hair from time to time as you keep styling so that the hair doesn’t lose the style.

*Straightening the hair completely, before styling, using the flat iron is necessary. Flipping the hair in or out is pretty easy to do provided the flat iron is handled at the right pace and style. Glide the heater from the hair near your scalp (don’t get hurt) all the way down in a steady pace and flip it out or in at the tips. Give a gentle flip at the tip and don’t rotate the heater with your hands at the tip because it might create dents which can be removed by straightening very slowly than usual.

*Curling is a little time consuming process. For curling, use the flat irons with curved heating elements to style the hair. As mentioned earlier, straighten your hair completely before you start styling the hair even if you are already curly because it makes it easier as well as gives you a new style of sections of curly hair.

*To curl, clamp the hair at the centre, wrap it over and glide it simultaneously to the tip of the hair. Make sections and repeat it from the back to the top of the hair. At the top, glide it upwards and settle the hair with your hand to give a raised look. Ensure your hair is completely styled curly for good results. Curl or wrap the heater along a single direction for all the sections on the left and other direction for all the sections on the right and upwards for the top sections.

*Volumizing gets and mousse can be used to increase hair volume.

Precautions to be considered

*Use the right flat iron and the right temperature. Since hair is very sensitive to temperature it is wise to be very careful and alert.

*Don’t heat your roots or scalp or your ears.

*Use good shampoos, thermal protectors and sprays to prevent allergies or improper hair styling

*If the hair is colored or chemically treated, use less temperature, less amount of heating time and use the right kind of shampoos and protectors. Use the Iron with Nano materials to prevent chemical reactions.

*Both hair and the Flat Iron must be clean before straightening of hair.

*Applying more pressure or prolonging time of heat in a single region will injure the hair.

*It is advisable to test the flat iron on wigs or get proper consultation from a professional if its your first try. But if you can be patient and follow the instructions as mentioned properly you can do it yourself the first time. You can pick up the speed as you practice.

*Also check the conditions of your hair and your allergic issues with the dermatologist and hair specialist before you try this process.

H2PRO Ceramic Flat Iron over other products

*H2PRO Ceramic Flat Iron is an effective, easy to use and safe device to straighten the hair. It provides a wide range of temperature setting facility adjustable from 140 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

*H2PRO flat iron is made of materials like Ceramic layers mixed with Tourmaline. Nano Silver and Titanium Oxide is added to remove chemicals and bacteria.

*H2PRO flat iron is safe to use on Damp hair but it is advisable to use it on dry hair for best results.

*H2PRO flat iron has a stable electric circuit

*The product H2PRO flat iron is warranted for a considerable period by most brands available in the market.

*Provides a wide range of plate size, and clamp colors and can be used on any type of hair or any length of hair according to the device’s technical features.

*Automatic Sense Recovery system is available in many product models of H2PRO flat iron. This helps quick recovery of heat to the ceramic plates.

*Some models of H2PRO flat iron have LED displays and consumes less power of around 60 watts.

*It is provided with non-tangle power cords like swivel etc.

*It can be used on porous African-American hair and coarse ethnic hair with ease.

Maintenance of hair

*Use proper conditioners, shampoos and sprays that are the suitable to your type of hair.

*Always have a balanced diet. Oiling or conditioning makes hair silky soft.

*After styling, use sprays to set the hair. Use clips to separate the pressed hair and to be pressed hair.

*Don’t overdo hair straightening or styling. Use proper equipment and follow the precautions.

*Do not comb your when it is wet. Use a hair dryer but do not use it extensively as it may kill the roots in due time because of the heat. Dry from centre of the hair to the tips.

*Prefer Gels and spray products over creams as creams make your hair greasy.

*Use conditioners after straightening to ease the harsh effects of heat applied. Wash the hair neatly.

*Use a towel before using a dryer to dry wet hair.

*Do not use Irons regularly. Use them to straighten your hair only when really required.

Maintenance of Flat Iron

*Flat Iron should be cleaned before and after straightening or styling the hair.

*Do not clap the clamps of the Flat Iron.

*Store the equipment in its pouch or container as provided and keep it out of reach of children.

*Avoid chemical solvents from coming in contact with the heating element.

*Do not use the Flat Iron at times of Voltage fluctuations in the power supply.

*Use a non abrasive cloth to clean the surface of the heating element frequently.

Thus it is very easy, safe and gentle to use a flat iron to straighten your hair, create quick styles like curls and flips and make your hair shiny, sleek and smooth. To get best results, understand how to use the equipment keeping in mind the precautions to be considered. Ceramic flat iron is very efficient over other equipments. One such iron is the H2PRO flat iron which is proven to be efficient, safe and impressive.

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