How Social Media Can Work for You

Social media – either you love it or you hate it. Most business owners know they should use social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others, but when it comes time to actually using social media to market their business, this strategy usually receives less priority than other marketing efforts. The power of social media as a marketing platform should not, however, be dismissed or underrated. When done right, businesses that build and maintain an active presence on social media better understand what clients and potential clients talk about, look at, and respond to, and they subsequently make marketing decisions based on that information.

Consider just a few of the benefits of social media marketing. You build connections – with customers and potential customers, and, depending on the vehicle you use, businesses in related industries. Simple postings on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram build visibility for your company. And, as with all good social media campaigns including Facebook marketing campaign, each should provide links back to your primary website and contact information. These links result in increased web traffic and conversions, because the people who click on the links to your site are the most interested in learning about your services – true qualified leads. All this, of course, ultimately supports search engine optimization efforts.

When you create and share quality, relevant content, your connections become engaged and share that content with others, refer others to your business, and remember your business first when they need your services. In the cleaning and restoration industry, photos and videos are a great way to showcase your services. For example, a “before” picture of a flooded basement and an “after” picture of that same basement fully cleaned and restored speaks volumes. Or you can make a short video that demonstrates how you extract floodwater, remove mold, or treat smoke damaged cabinets. When it comes to water and fire damage restoration services, a visual goes a long way in selling your services.

Social media platforms also allow you to engage followers through the specific content you post. You can educate viewers, answer direct questions, and participate in discussions and forums that allow you to, once again, highlight your expertise. When viewers see and follow your business in action, they better understand your work processes, the equipment and products you use, and your work ethic and accountability. Easily accessible customer reviews are also possible with the variety of social media programs. Fully connected, satisfied customers can leave 5-star rating and post a 1-line comment in less than a minute. Even a brief review is enough to attract attention and earn you a new Like, Follower, View, or Tweet.

It’s also important in social media marketing to find other experts within your field (or a related field), and engage with them. For example, if you have IICRC certifications, you can refer to the IICRC as your main source for the most up-to-date industry happenings and recommendations. Or, find other valuable connections who have their own established audience so you can build relationships with them. These connections may help down the line by sharing your content or giving a positive mention of your business (which opens you up to wider audiences).

Never underestimate the power of social media marketing and search engines optimization. A wide presence across the Internet can increase your credibility and make you easier to find in search results. Best of all, you can utilize social media to supplement and strengthen your other marketing efforts for no cost at all other than your time to prepare a post. A social media guru such as Sonny Ahuja at Kill It Online ( can show you the myriad ways you can put social media to work for you.

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