How Perfumes Can Help You Find Your Soul Mate

soulmatesSpending his mid afternoon at the promenade was a usual thing for him to do. The warm breeze flew by carrying the orange maple leaves along. It whirled into the air and levitated freely. The earth was soft and marigolds and chrysanthemums were at its full bloom. The smell of these flowers made his heart melt – so sweet and yet so delicate. He sat on the wooden cedar bench and felt the air touch his skin. It brushed his cheek back and forth. One couldn’t help but admire the beauty that mother earth hath made. Now that he was settled, he looked into the lake right ahead. Two lovely swans were floating nearby pecking each other’s beak as if they were exchanging smooches – they were truly a match made in heaven.

On the other hand, he wished someday someone would come and share his cedar bench with him. He pondered on what those who had cometh before he had shared – “When you meet your real love you can tell that it’s her when everything feels like magic!”

When the wind blew in the opposite direction, he had nothing left to hug turning a colorful autumn afternoon into blue. Lovers walked by and right in front of him. Their hands entwined and their lips were curved with a smile. You couldn’t help but eat your heart out.

Suddenly a gust of wind came by – bringing about a perfume-like smell that he couldn’t resist. He could almost taste the bursting fragrance of fresh orange flower and pink grapefruit. Then it stroked his cheek once again with a scent of sexy rose, sandalwood and soft amber. Finally, the last flow caught him by surprise as it sent out a clean note of jasmine, vanilla and musk. The scent indeed had made him dumbfounded and since he didn’t want to laze on the bench all day, he stood up and followed the trail where the scent came from.

The path led him to the southwest tip of the park where most of the park goers were basking in the sunshine. As the wind blew harder, he knew he was getting closer to that irresistible perfume-like smell. A young woman in her twenties was engrossed holding her voile dress as the wind tried to blow it away. A spun of the moment made him stare at her with delight. It was love at first sight! She was like an angel and she had that smile that radiated kindness and purity. He stood still amidst the green grass that danced gracefully. Now the air was filled with so much love and enchantment. He definitely knew that her perfume sent out that hypnotizing flair.

He motioned himself closer to her. She had the most tantalizing blue eyes that one can ever find. She gazed back at him and everything was just like magic! She smiled back at him with her most kissable lips. For a moment, they exchanged glances and she said “My common scent is telling me that you could be my destiny.”

Perfumes are magical concoctions that are not only made to merely make us enjoy its wonderful smell but these creations are meant to touch lives. True, we don’t need our mind to dictate our emotions since using our “common scents” instead is what matters most. Men and beasts are alike – we thrive for love, comfort and a sense of belonging. Do you know that even animals like fishes need their sense of smell to locate their mate? Have you been informed that even buzzing bees use their sense of smell to communicate?

Remember the day that your mother baked a cake? The redolence of vanilla, chocolate, and mocha made your mouth water. You thought you had the keenest sense of smell. But oh no, you don’t. Men and women by far have the poorest sense of smell in the Animal Kingdom. But with spritz of your favorite perfume, you can send out an indication to your artner that you are in need of love.

A perfume can denote a lot of things. A modern day perfume creation such as Glow by J Lo was the culprit that sent out that fresh-sexy-clean scent. It sure made sense; blue-eyed women’s secret is actually spraying a hint of perfume fragrance to send out a signal to you.

Furthermore, using Britney Spears’ Perfume would be as invigorating as it could be. The perfumes top notes of sweet loquat fruit, midnight orchid, crème brulee, tonka crystals, signature musk, vanilla bean, and sugared sandalwood can send out signals to a man that you are waiting for him.

Still baffled on what she last said, he retorted “How do you know?” She said “When the wind blew hard to this direction, I smelled a sheer hint of Bergamot, Lavender, Peppermint and Patchouli. Your cologne smelled like as if you were someone who needed someone to share your day at the park with” he smiled and said “wearing a cologne perfume by Angel Men is definitely an answered prayer”. Amen!

Splashing with any of your best-loved perfume would mean that you not only need your “common sense” but your “common scents” to find what you are truly looking for. Let men fall to their knees. Let him hold on you tight. Sweep men and women alike. With a splash of perfume, you’d be able to lure your crush closer to your heart. Start spreading the good news and captivate anyone using your “common scents.”

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