How Facebook Adds Value to Your Marketing Toolkit

You can’t go into a coffee shop, bookstore, or supermarket without seeing a large number of patrons looking at their cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Our desire to constantly engage in, or be engaged by, online content, no matter where we are, seems almost insatiable. What is all this content we’re looking at? Games, searches, and social media claim a large chunk of how we spend our time online. Facebook, in particular, is one of the most popular social network marketing sites available. Individuals, groups, and businesses alike can all establish a Facebook presence and reach hundreds, if not thousands, of users if done right. With the power to post content and pictures, provide comments and reviews, promote specials and offers, businesses should not ignore the value and power of maintaining a presence on Facebook.

In the context of a cleaning and disaster restoration business, the long-term results and visibility garnered from Facebook are what matter. With patience, Facebook provides a way to establish a more personal connection with an audience, whether they’re previously satisfied clients or potential new leads. And best of all, the baseline of Facebook’s services cost nothing.

Consider your main website for just a moment. Your website informs visitors of your services, right? Ultimately, however, it serves to deliver a high conversion rate by turning ordinary web traffic into qualified leads through calls to action. A solid, active presence on Facebook can aid in supporting that purpose. For example, you can use your Facebook page to link followers and friends back to your website, which, in turn, increases your online credibility and can lead to a higher ranking in search engine results.

But Facebook offers a different side to the more formal aims of your primary website – Facebook is personal. It can engage users in a more social way. A business page on Facebook offers a place for satisfied clients to personally recommend your cleaning and restoration services. They can Like your page, then share stories of how you helped them in an emergency. In this way, Facebook gives you one-on-one access and interaction with your followers. These interactions add a personal touch that goes far when an individual or family has experienced a disaster.

Facebook also offers a platform to share your own content. For example, you can post “Before” and “After” pictures to illustrate the type and quality of work you do. You can post videos hosted on YouTube (another helpful social platform for promoting your business). Statistics show that videos have a high rate of engagement. If you create quality videos that your followers on Facebook will find useful, they may re-post them for their own friends to watch. For every re-post, your content spreads to an even wider audience, which creates a powerful ripple effect by reaching countless new viewers.

Even the free options offered by Facebook allow you to refine how you reach your audience. Posts can be targeted based on various demographics, whether organic (unpaid) or paid, so you can maximize your reach to the markets that are most interested in your services. Of course, you can utilize paid ads on Facebook (in ways similar to Google, YouTube and other sites) to gain even more control over your social media marketing efforts. If you would like to learn more about how to leverage the power of Facebook for your disaster restoration business, contact Sonny Ahuja of Kill It Online today (

And if you want to increase your influence in your area, consider trying YouTube video marketing as well.

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