4 HOT Tips for Successful FACEBOOK Advertising

Facebook is an amazing platform to sell your products and services. To do that, the ads you place there should be well optimized and relevant. There are ways to make the best use of the hyper-targeted platform for ad placements. Today I would like to speak with you about it in details, so please read on and be well informed for success.

Remember, the unique features of Facebook are best utilized if the profile information of the user’s you are marketing to is targeted well. The social advertisements you see would your created of “fan pages” to be promoted for “likes”. All of this would be done from the “ad unit” directly. PPC advertising would still be incorporated, however the ad copy written should be seen from an angle different from the rest.  Here are 3 tips to get your ads to be noticed and stand out amongst all others:


1.     The titles of the ad should resonate with the audience

When you create your social ad on Facebook for the fan page you host, the fan page’s title becomes the ad’s heading. The branding should be done well when the page is firstly named. The company’s name and title is more important than you think, so choose it well. However, if you want your company is to be known to the public online, add a line to the title, which would speak of the services or benefits it offers.

For example:  JM Creations, Weaving Magic and Culture

For those who run social ads, the word usage would be important in the title. This would match the parameters and tie well with the company’s needs too.

For example:  11” ©XYZ Pizzas Only $4.99

When you use © (copyright) or registered trademark symbols with regard to title usage, it would mean building trust in the audiences eyes.


2.     The ad should be personalized

Your company’s ads would be featured and show in a column along with others so it should be outstanding. A little flair when added would show that your products and services are not run of the mill kinds. A good truck for this is to place an open ended question to the audience with the ads title.

For example:  Would you like a pizza tonight?

The offer thus made is direct and adding the demographic location you are targeting would also be wise. With the help of these these 2 things, using symbols and the above mentioned, the point is made and your ad stands out among the rest.


3.     The call to action should be clear

No one has time to rummage through everything online; hence call to action should be concise and precise. Phrases that work the most here would be “check it out” or maybe “click here”, such phrases would raise the interest levels and your PPC results should improve drastically.


4.     Zoom in on your targets

When your ad copy is priced or directions are given on how to redeem offers, your products or services are sold to only those who are really interested.

Be compelling, creative and clear rather than intimidating when optimizing your Facebook ads.  This way you are weeding out the non-interested people and saving money in your PPC ad campaigns.  The more interesting the ad and the more targeted it is, the more money you make. And most of all: the better you look, which will bring Facebook visitors back to your ads again and again.


Were these tips useful?  Please let me know by sharing your success stories below.


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