Highest Income Affiliate Marketing Niches!

Girl-With-MoneyThe foremost goal of learning about the best affiliate marketing niches is to investigate using various open source or paid online tools so as to realize the current competition in a niche and the number of people involved in that niche.

Taking into account the information you can decide on the affiliate product to advertise and the domain name of the web site consisting of the best (keywords research) by the guests to find the related information and products. The correct domain name and the keyword optimized content are critical in the successful accomplishment of the affiliate program which is chosen in a typical affiliate marketing niche.

Here is the list of sections which are a reason of concern and are looking for info, products and services available on internet:

1. Health

2. Insurance

3. Retail

4. Education

5. Credit cards

6. Web hosting

To attain the success of affiliate marketing all the sectors need to be researched completely. Based on that research feedback you can find the most profitable niche with the guests having money which they could spend. This data will also indicate the best paying affiliate programs working in the niche.

Looking for the highest paying affiliate marketing niches:

Here is the finding of a search done in some of the above sections which will provide important info and direction to search the Highest Income Affiliate Marketing Niches:


This is a crucial section, as health is the primary issue in the modern days. It is mandatory for the public of all ages and creeds to be aware of the environmental pollution, modifying disease pattern for the bacteria, which has been controlled because of the availability of the new antibiotics which are constantly researched and modified for improvement. The pattern of diseases is correlated to the degenerative disarray which warrants prevention rather than cure. Public in general is wary of organic foods, vegan foods, production of supplements from organically raised vegetables and fruits. This all has huge potential for business as it is a real necessity.

The details found indicate that the health sector has average commission of 30% which is quite good considering the population of the world needs to stop themselves from getting diseases apart from those waiting to be treated.

The average conversion rate found in the sectors mentioned above is very high at 4.6 % which indicates that from the 100 persons looking for info, 4.6 % are happy with the info they have found and will make the purchase via internet.


This is a rising sector in the non developed nations at the moment, as the insurance reach is 4 % only in these countries. This indicates that 96 % of the nation’s people are not insured yet. However due to the plunge in the life expectation of a person, the health challenges, industrial or traffic accidents and natural disasters, the public has a rising requirement for the different types of insurances to cover themselves against personal, business and profession related risks.

The details which are available clearly indicate that average commission is 40 %of the sale and the earning per click is a tremendous high of $ 200 especially taking into account the high risk value the businessman covers. Average conversion rate here is 4.6%.

The well liked Insurance Affiliate Programs are concerned with brokers who present many insurance covers over the internet and are represented globally.

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