Halle by Halle Berry – As Intoxicating As Ever!

halle-berryAbout Halle Berry

Of course, the name does not need any mention at all. Nevertheless, for people who wish to know more about this stunning beauty, she was born on the 14th of August, 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio. The early years did not have any indication of how Halle Berry would be taking the fashion industry by storm. And if her teacher’s reports are to be believed, she was a naughty and a mischievous girl in school.

Born to Judith Ann and Jerome Berry, Halle Berry started taking the beauty contests by storm. She tried her first stint with beauty and modeling way back in 1980, and ever since then, she has not looked back at all. Running up to 1986, where she won the Miss USA Runners up trophy, she had already claimed top honors on several other top beauty contests.

With movies like The Jungle Fever, Bulworth, X-Men, and of course, Die Another Day, Halle Berry’s popularity has never been in question. She indeed is the top Hollywood diva in the circuit, and though she hasn’t been seen in action in a lot of films of late, surely, her fans would want some more of her!

Halle from Halle Berry

The early notes have already allowed Halle from Halle Berry to reach heights of intoxication. With an actress of myriad talent and a noble heart, you can expect the Halle perfume to exhibit some of these qualities. They do, and how!!! Just so you know, Halle Berry had been experimenting with her own mixes of different fragrances she used to try on. Fig and Mimosa were two popular ingredients that Halle Berry used to come up with her own fragrance.

Being of the African – American descent, Halle Berry could well be given a license for letting her fragrance go wild. She does and she does it so, with the help of Olibanum. Olibanum is an African root, and is not very popular, as it has rarely ever been used in any fragrance until then at all. With Halle though, oliganum intended to add spice to the fragrance.

Too much of oliganum would have meant that Halle could have been rejected outright by women. This was balanced by a perfect mix of sandalwood, which helped in soothing the spice element added due to oliganum. The end result is – You get a fragrance that has a touch of spice and a soothing element to go with it! And yes – We aren’t even talking of notes here.

Halle notes

For a perfume to have the name Halle Berry attached, you can be sure of two things – The notes will go all out to keep the intoxicating fervor intact, and yes, it is going to be a touch wild for sure.

The top notes have bergamot, pear blossom and fig leaves. Any perfume from Halle Berry is sure to have some stamp of fig in it, as the actress herself loves this fruit. Luminous mimosa and fig ought to be integral to Halle perfume, and indeed they are. Coming to think of it, of all the ingredients, it is these two that make the Halle perfume stand out from others.

Freecia petals, Ultra-Mimosa (Comparatively unheard of when you related to Mimosa) and hibiscus form the heart notes. Didn’t we say earlier that Halle perfume is going to be different from others? You bet it is especially with the inclusion of hibiscus and Ultra-Mimosa in the heart notes.

Of course, the base notes play a critical role in providing the soothing feel and the sensuality of Halle perfume. Thus far, you may have got the feeling that this is an out and out wild perfume, at least going by their top and the heart notes. But look at the base notes – Sandalwood, cashmere musk, driftwood, olibanum and amber. These are sure to make any perfume soothing and sensuous. They at least do that with the Halle perfume, and this could really be one of the selling points of the Halle perfume.

Halle – The driving point is…

Of course, sensuality, but Halle perfume also allows women to express their somewhat wilder nature. With the perfume aiming to be fresh and wild-scented most of the times, at least the feel you would get when you try this one – Let us move for an exciting ride. This is precisely why we think Halle perfume is different from others, and though it might be a bit pricey as compared to others, it will still sell hot cakes.

People like the way how the notes work in favor of Halle perfume. In essence, it is the notes of the Halle perfume that makes it a rocking success. One look at the notes and it would be enough for you to understand that this one is quite different from others.

Critically, people like the freshness, texture and the transparency of the Halle perfume. No wonder people are lining up to buy the 1.7 Oz Halle perfume from Halle Berry. Economically harsh times these but this has not stopped from splurging on this perfume for sure.

It is widely believed that the Halle Berry did not launch this perfume merely as a celebrity stunt. She has been experimenting quite a bit with her perfumes, and looking at the way how people have responded to the Halle perfume, it is only fair in saying that Halle perfume, much like Halle Berry rocks.

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