All the buzzing about Google Buzz

You might be wondering what exactly all this hype about Google Buzz is. Why is everyone talking about it? Google buzz has become a part of every Gmail account; it’s a common media application which has been incorporated with Gmail accounts. It looks a lot like twitter and facebook where you can find friend or just keep in touch with the ones on Google chat. It lets you connect with all your contacts and combines together with the correct websites. Let’s make it simpler to understand Google buzz.

With Google buzz you can update and share all your contacts with the world. It is directly included with your inbox on Gmail and all your conversations are categorized just like your mails. It does not require any kind of downloading or installation of software’s. It enables you to upload your photos and write any story or tag lines regarding that, you can also share it with friends and add it on their account. You can share links. It also lets you connect with the well known socializing sites like Twitter, Picasa, and Blogger etc. & lets you update buzz with topics or your status and moods. It also can be connected through your mobile phones. There is no timeline for usage. You can mail any buzz you like to your friends.

The first step to set up and rock on Google buzz is: you must create a profile on Google, make sure you use your full name, do not forget your profile address as you will use it for mails and instant messaging. Edit the profile if you need to add or remove any information. It is placed on the top right side of the screen. Then go ahead to links, by this Google will determine your site and give you a long list of good suggestions which you can add to your profile like Blogger, YouTube etc. however if there are any third party websites, for e.g. Posterous, you must make a few changes in the codes of the theme. For this you must go to the edit mode and by this Google will ensure that it is a verified site by you. Don’t forget to change the username on your Google profile. After this visit your site again and confirm the verification.

Privacy is one of the main concerns, so go to the default settings in Buzz, then go to edit profile and click on the tab “about me”, then go to the right hand and click on the box as uncheck, by this you will display you full name and people will be able to contact you on your email address.  You can make your profile either private or public.

Thirdly you must start interaction and check the regular updates.

Google buzz has an extension called Google chrome; this displays all the notifications of buzz on chrome.

You can change your buzz button into some other beautiful one you like. If you would like to remain off line then you can turn off your buzz and continue your Gmail.  This is called hiding or disabling.

You can filter all your conversations of buzz on your Gmail.

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