Advantages of Having Your Blog

blog_logoEver wondered which are the technologies that have proved to be revolutionary and were widely accepted since the internet came to public domains? Let me name a few: emails, WebPages, forums (also called as bulletin boards) etc. All these share certain common characteristics. They all are user controlled i.e. no company or organization controls the content on it, the content is put on by user across the world.

It also gives every individual internet access, the power to put his/her thoughts on the net and allow everyone to read it. One doesn’t have to be a famous author to get his/her stories published anymore as it can be done on internet with relatively new technology I am talking about. Yes you got it right, I am talking about Blogs. The new kid on the block, as I said, relatively new but immensely powerful. It gives every individual true freedom of speech and allows him put his thought across the time zones thus giving him a readership unachievable by conventional means for an individual. In this article I will talk about why one should have his own blog. I will talk about the reasons you should have your blog, uses of blog and the advantages of blog.

Reasons to own a blog and uses
Blog can be owned and be used for many and varied reasons but the one that is the most interesting and is also the one that makes blog such a powerful technology is the fact that it gives a common individual a voice. You can voice out your opinion, your complaints about something/someone on your blog. Moreover you can use your blog as your diary for the world, an insight into your life for the followers of your blog. Blogs can be used for marketing, attracting business or just as a source to share your knowledge about something with people. The biggest advantage is that you are not addressing to a limited audience but you are addressing to anyone on the internet who may be inclined to listen to what you have to say, and that means you can have audience bigger than entire population of some small countries!!
So, as you may have realized that if properly used blog is a very powerful tool to voice out just whatever you want. Even celebrities like actors/actresses, use blogs on their website to communicate with their worldwide fan base.
But this is not it, apart from what I state above a blog can be used for internet marketing, revenue generation, attracting business and also as information center.

Internet Marketing: Blogs these days are being used heavily for internet marketing. Companies and professionals are relying more and more on blogs to reach out to potential customers. Just run a search on Google regarding a topic of your choice and the results will definitely contain blogs along with websites. Blogs have a great potential for internet market and advertising, as it is a very easy and affordable way to reach out to potential customers, that means that you don’t have to be a big business to have your web presence, even the local stores can have their own blog which can inform buyers with regular updates.

Revenue Generation: Blogs are now increasingly being used by individuals for revenue generation through the content. If your content is good then you will have healthy number of followers and that will allow you to put advertisements on your blog which can lead to revenue generation for you.

Information centers: Blogs can provide information to followers too. If you are say an internet guru or a well known author, you can guide your fans like a mentor using your blog to help them, give them information. This information will not be just restricted to them but can be used by anyone who needs. Blogs provide an excellent way to provide information to world and it’s an unmatched channel to facilitate the free flow of information.
Advantages Of Blogs.

Blogs as must be crystal clear by now have a lot of reasons behind its success and some more of its advantages which give blog the power it has are listed below.

Blogs are easy to start: Creating a blog is not like fighting a war. Website may be difficult to maintain but blogs are a child’s play. You don’t need to hire professional or learn how to use expensive creation soft wares. Just choose the blogging portal of your choice, register for free, choose the template, fonts etc and you are all set to go blogging!
Blogs are search engine optimized:  A little noticed advantage of blog is the fact that each entry has its new and unique URL. This means it is more specific and has more chances of being picked up by a search engine’s crawler bot than a page hidden deep inside the stashes of information on an overloaded website.
Unlimited Space: With blogs you are not restricted to particular space on server hard drive, you can keep writing as much as you want.

It’s Completely Free: Yes, the biggest eye-catcher for an individual, it’s FREE. Can it be any better?
According to sources the number of blogs on the internet in the year 2008 was a whopping 133 million. Add to that the stat that the number of new blogs post each day is 900,000!! The buck does not stop here the number of blog post in the year 2008 was 329 million. And it is slated to grow exponentially in the year 2009. It seems the entire world is ready to blog,
Where Are You?
It is important that the design you choose, the navigation you have, the content you put in it are relevant to what you are trying to achieve.
There are bloggers who make six figure income from their blogs by selling space for advertising, by promoting other companies products (by becoming affiliates), by selling their own products & by putting google adsense on various pages.

If you are interested in having your blog done professionally, look no further. Call me at 1-414-434-9557 or send me a detailed e mail at with the kind of blog you want and I will be more than happy to give you a quote. Remember, with so much competition around, there is a better chance for you to make more money with a professional looking blog!

Happy Blogging!
Sonny Ahuja.

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