Five Tips to Market Your Business via Twitter

In the ever-changing world of social media and social networking, people and businesses have a variety of tools available to inform and connect with each other. The most popular among them are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Each offers its own specific advantages and any Internet-savvy business can benefit from that diversity. One among these, Twitter, offers distinct capabilities which can be used in tandem with other sites to maximize the reach and power of any social media marketing campaign.

At its core, the central purpose of Twitter is to create and share messages with followers online. In essence, you make a comment that starts a flow of messaging and commenting among all Twitter users. The act of sharing messages is called tweeting and each message is limited to 140 characters. At first, the character limit may seem short. But in today’s world of instant messaging and instant gratification, Twitter and thrives on challenging its users to “get to the point.” In the disaster recovery business, tweets about quality of service, types of equipment, customer care, emergency activity, and more, are all logical and relevant – in other words, tweet-worthy.

Twitter lets users include links and photos in their posts, a functionality that opens up countless additional messaging possibilities. In the cleaning and restoration industry, for example, you can include a link to your primary website or “before” and “after” photos to highlight the type and quality of your work. By using Twitter in conjunction with your YouTube channel, you can tweet a link to a YouTube video that shows you in action as you extract water from a flooded basement or clean up fire and smoke damage at a business. With the right Twitter messaging and quality video content on YouTube, your followers will read your Tweet and watch your video. If they know someone who could benefit from any of your services, your followers may share—re-tweet—your posting. Each share multiplies your audience, and can gain you new followers.

Keep in mind these tips when setting up your Twitter account and feed:

  • Keep your brand image consistent. For example, use your company name as your Twitter user name for enhanced visibility of your business.
  • Avoid using punctuation in your user name to facilitate typing and searching for you on mobile devices (which account for roughly half of social media users).
  • Use your company logo as your profile picture – it appears beside every tweet you post.
  • Use a background image. To market on Twitter, use a picture that matches your brand/design.
  • Complete all applicable fields in your Twitter profile, including your location, bio., etc., so people can easily find you and learn what you do.

By harnessing the messaging capability of Twitter and combining it with other social media capabilities, you will boost traffic to your main company website and increase your number of qualified leads, thus improving your overall conversion rate. The bottom line, when you get solid leads from interested people on your website, you gain credibility and enhance your search ranking as well – all of which translates to more business for you. For more information on how you can Kill It Online with Twitter, contact Sonny Ahuja today (

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