5 Great Ways to Boost Your Facebook Marketing

Do you want to grow your Facebook audience?

Are you looking for ways to get more conversions for your business through Facebook?

Let’s discuss 5 ways to grow your audience, both organically and through advertising.

marketing on FacebookConnect Profiles With Pages

Yes it’s quite simple. But let’s not forget to promote your company on your Facebook page. Here’s how you do it: add your company as your current employer in your personal profile’s work section. It’s easy to do, but when you do, there will now be a direct link to the company page so others can click over at will.

Just go to your personal About page and edit Work and Education information by clicking Add a Workplace, and select your Facebook page as the company.

Also, once all the information is inputted, you want to check the I Currently Work Here box, and make sure the visibility is set to Public and click Save changes. This step makes sure there’s a link to your Facebook page everywhere your profile appears on Facebook.

On top of this perk, is that connecting your page and profile is that when you leave a comment on website’s using Facebook comments platform, your page is linked within that section.

Connecting your page and profile helps you participate more in industry related Facebook groups and comment on blogs that use the Facebook comment platform, helping you build much more exposure which can lead to more fans.

marketing on FacebookAdd a Facebook Like Button or Box to Your Website

Let’s face it, people who visit your website are likely to become raving fans of your Facebook page. How then do we move them onto not just visiting your website but liking your Facebook page?

One effective way to get a like from your website is to put a Facebook Like button on your website. This allows them to like, but without leaving your website. Not too hard right?

To configure your Like button, simply click the link https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-button, enter the URL of your page, then add the code to your website where it fits best.

Don’t forget you can also add the Facebook Like button to thank-you pages which appear after someone signs up for your mailing list, submits a lead form or makes a purchase. Since these visitors already have been to your webpage, they will likely connect with you on Facebook.

marketing on FacebookProvide a Link in Signatures

One extra step to take, is to add your Facebook page link in your email whenever you send emails to customers, colleagues, vendors and other contacts.

Create a professional email signature that links to your website and social media accounts using WiseStamp http://www.wisestamp.com/. To save cost, you can just as easily create an email signature within your email provider that says “Like us on Facebook”, and that links to your page.

If you are someone even more motivated and post on forums regularly, include your Facebook page link on your profile and signature for each forum. If you put in the effort with your content on the forums, people will either click on the link from your signature or go to your profile to learn more about you. It’s a great way to increase traffic.

marketing on FacebookCreate Facebook Groups

Let’s look at some of the benefits in creating a group. Most groups on Facebook have more organic reach than do pages. When people join a group, notifications are already set, thus they will know when new posts are added. On pages, fans have to set up page notifications manually. More benefits includes sharing files, and tagging other members. Both great content and traffic builders.

In groups you can interact with other personally, but you also can focus on your business, industry or other subjects. Another cool aspect is you can create specific groups for your business or more general groups for an industry, location, or interest.

marketing on FacebookPromote to the Right Audiences

Let’s not jump right in and use the Promote Page option on Facebook, instead go to the Facebook Ads Manager and create an ad to promote your page. Facebook adds allow you to target your page promotion ads to audience you want as Facebook fans.

I would be glad to help you utilize the Facebook paid marketing in creating high conversion campaigns with maximum ROI for your business.

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