Facebook becoming big trouble for GP’s career

facebook-logoFacebook is becoming problematic for Doctor’s career. Many patients contacting doctors on Facebook and making advance which is not good for the careers of Doctors

MDU (Medical Defence Union) is aware of these cases where patients who are affected with love problems have tried to get the acceptance of doctors through Facebook.

As per latest update from MDU they say there are lots of cases they found where patients are intentionally coming in contact of doctors through Facebook. Doctors are crossing the limits as they are replying to these patients and this is not for the relation of doctor and patient and can be complained to General Medical Council about this.

A 30-year-old man sent GP lilies to a lady to whom he knew from her Facebook site. He sent those GP lilies because they were her favorite flowers. He tried many ways to come close to her and some were through Facebook as he wants her to go with him for outing. This was published in an article of MDU Journal.

It is disgraceful that doctors are using the social network sites to publish the unethical matter, such as pictures and the well formed documents. In this regards Emma Cutzner, the legal adviser of MDU says doctors are not that prepared to use the Facebook sites to answer those patients.

MDU got a reply from doctors that if they don’t reply the patients then it would be rude if they only refuse the request from patients. Doctors are agreeing that this is not a proper way to converse the patients and this type of communication will affect the relation of doctor and patient.

An unknown case, 30 year old man had a small accident and came for surgery. He is the man who took a fancy to his GP. After diagnose doctors advised him to rest and to take painkillers as he had small whiplash. The patient was waiting for the GP in the car park after his work and lilies also arrived the same day. The man offered the lady to join her for drink and then he gave her a journey book.

He was continuously sending the messages through Facebook to her, even the lady refused to accept his gifts. The lady come in contact with MDU and people from MDU advised her not to answer this man on Facebook. She can write a letter to him and can explain she doesn’t want any relation with him and she doesn’t want to be in his contact.

MDU is working for the doctors not to put or place any photo or explanation on the social sites as doctors do visit to social network sites as they are keen to internet. By doing these post doctors can be in danger.

Many workers of accident and emergency unit are perched for placing photos on these sites as they self laid down the ward floors, on the stretcher, and in ambulance seats and took photos of themselves. These employees are suspended as they placed their photos in Facebook and they were playing game on the site in which the person should lay down on odd places.

Dr Kuzner says this practical joke brings lots of troubles for those who think this as games. This put them into serious troubles.

By this way doctors are making their profession disgrace as they are placing these types of photos on website where their own patients can see these photos. Its publically accessed website and anyone can access this website anywhere. It’s open for everybody. Placing their photos in this site is making the doctors profession disrespected.  It becomes doctor’s responsibility to treat their patients behind closed doors. Placing sensible photos on website will put the patients on trouble as well as they are on website and website is accessible for global.

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