Don’t Buy a Ceramic Flat Iron Until You Read This

flatironhelpA piece of equipment often used to straigten the hair is called flat iron. A flat iron traditionaly uses heat to straigten tangled mass of hair. The heat changes the structure of the hair and attempts to create a straight braid of hair. A comb is sometimes added to the panel of a flat iron to help it de-tangle hair. De-tangling hair is central to straightening it. Clumped up hair cannot be straightened and tangled hair can leave the pores weak and hair loose.

Flat irons have gone considerable changes over time. Nowadays, ceramic flat irons are available which use ceramic heating elements, and thus provide constant heat. Flat irons are commonly called hair straigteners. Historically, style irons have been used to straighten or curl hair and it was only in 1906 that the first heat iron was patented. Thus, it is apparent that the interest of women in having long straight hair is one that is alive since time immemorial.

The quality of a flat iron is actually decided by the plate of the iron. Higher quality of the plate ensures better performance. Ceramic plates are often considered the best and so, the ceramic flat irons are widely sought after. Plates are also available in varying thickness. Some are inches thick while some are milimetres thin. You shoud always buy flat irons depending upon the thickness and nature of your hair. If you have thicker hair then you must go for flat irons with thicker plates but if you have thinnner hair then flat irons with thninner plates are recommended.

However, a flat iron or a hair straightener can cause damage to the hair. The two man types of damge caused are heat related and mechanic. Heat related damage refers to the damage caused by applying heat on the hair for prolonged periods.Mechanical damage, on the other hand, refers to damage caused by the design of the flat iron.

Though the damage caused by heat cannot be avoided as a minimum amount of heat has to be applied to straighten hair, mechanical damage can surely be avoided by using smother plates in the flat iron. Yet, prolonged use of flat irons can cause split ends, weak hair shafts, thinning of hair etc. Thus, you must be very careful when using a flat iron.

You must remember that having curled or wavy hair for most of your life is better than having no hair at all for indulging in artificial beauty for a few unimportant occasions. Women, particularly, fall prey to the lucrative marketing techniques used by the sellers of flat irons. In a bid to look beautiful, they often use these tools for long periods of time and risk loosing hair at an early age.

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