Did You Know Your Favorite Escada Perfumes Were Named After a Horse?


The gorgeous Swedish model took care of the creative aspect of the company, while her partner Ley was assigned finance, marketing, production and sales. Escada soon became a fashion powerhouse which designed many wardrobes worn by famous celebrities in the red carpet events.

Escada was actually the name of an Irish racehorse on which Margaretha and Ley had placed a bet during their trip in Portugal. This thoroughbred won and they though of naming their company after the horse which seemed to be their lucky charm.

Like many other fashion houses, Escada too started with its line of fragrance for men and women. Escada is known for its unique perfumes and colognes. One of its first fragrances was called the Escada Margaretha Ley which was launched in 1990. It had a very pretty heart-shaped bottle. This perfume personifies Margaretha, the fragrance being very sensuous, feminine and very seductive. It gives a very romantic feeling and the men are sure to lust over the women who wear this fragrance.

Later on, Escada perfume line launched Escada Pour Homme for men in 1993 as the male counterpart to the company’s classic women’s perfume. It has an oriental fragrance, powerful and sexy. It has the spicy fragrance of nutmeg, carnation, bay leaf, cinnamon, juniper and cardamom with orange, Italian lemon, bergamot, lavender and cognac in its high notes.

The Bosnian songstress Tinka was the face for Escada perfume who promoted the fragrances Crystal and Into the Blue which was launched in 2006. Into the Blue has a refreshing fragrance with an aquatic accord.

2006 was also the year in which Escada introduced its limited edition called Pacific Paradise. The fragrance reminds you of the sun-drenched tropical islands of the South Pacific. This perfume bottles up the scents of the sunny blue sky and crystal clear water. This is a great perfume for a perfect vacation in a beautiful tropical island. It’s fresh, sweet and really cool.

Some of the latest editions of Escada fragrances are Ocean Lounge and Incredible Me which were released in 2008. The face for Incredible Me was Lydia Hearst. The bottle is shaped like the logo of Escada with a gorgeous frame. It has a oriental fragrance with honeysuckle, tiramisu, orchid, sandalwood and vanilla.

Ocean lounge has a fruity and sweet fragrance. It has the fragrance of litchi, plum, pear nectar, strawberry, violet petal sorbet aroma, mimose blossom and jasmine. This fragrance is perfect for summers.

After glorious thirty years in business, Escada is still one of the most prominent names in the fashion industry. Escada perfume line has only enhanced its credibility and there is no doubt that Escada is going to remain among the top players in the fashion world for years to come. Even though Escada line of fragrance is relatively new in the industry, it has managed to create a special place in the collection of perfume lovers.
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