40 Marketing Tips and Tricks to Give You the Edge Over Your Competition

The marketing world can be tough if you don’t know what you are doing and don’t want to invest a ton of money into it. I have come up with 40 ideas that ANYONE can do if they want to take their business to the next level whether they are online or offline.

Get the Word Out!

1. Carry business cards with you wherever you go. You never know who you might meet that will be interested in your products / services or knows someone ELSE who might be interested. Strike up conversations. When someone asks to know more about what you do, hand them your card while explaining the benefits you offer others.

2. Create a high converting online Business or E-Commerce website. It is highly recommended to have an online presence in this day and age. Although you can build a business without it, harnessing the power of the internet can take your sales and leads to a higher level and open doors for marketing on a much grander scale.

3. Write a newspaper / magazine press release on your “new business”, “new website”, “new service / product offering”, etc… Be sure to include clear contact info with a strong call to action.

4. Research businesses in the locations you wish to cater to and send introductory letters with your contact info to them via mail. (HOT TIP: go through the yellow pages or newspapers to see who is already spending money based on the size of their ad)

Get Clear On Your Ideal Client Traits:

5. Location: Find out the locations your ideal prospects would live, work and play. Target your marketing specifically in those areas.

6. Income Level: Be sure you are marketing to those who can or WILL pay for your products or services.

7. Spending Habits: When is your ideal client most likely to spend their money. On or around Holidays? Before or after tax time? The day they get paid? Target your sales based on these dates / time frames.

8. Characteristics: What is their personality type? What are their hobbies? What are their interests? The more you know about these things, the better you can communicate with them and build a relationship that could potentially lead to a sale.

Mingle With Your Target Market:

9. Go to events your ideal client would attend and strike up conversations.

10.Join and participate in online groups your target market will be in (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc…). Most people join groups of like-minded individuals. However if you want to gain customers, join the groups that interest your ideal client. Share stories and tips and build relationships and trust from there.

11.Keep on top of trends related to your ideal client to increase your vocabulary, topics of interest and targeted suggestions you can share with them.

12. Set up a booth at an event or trade show that caters to the interests of your ideal client. Be sure to follow up with any leads you generate. If they gave you their info, they are interested in more.

Build Your Credibility

13. Testimonials: Ask for them from satisfied clients. Gain permission to use them on your website, blog, handouts, emails, etc… A success story always sells.

14. Recommendations: Ask for them from fellow business owners who like and refer people to you. This builds up your trust factor.

15. Compile a list of media resources you have been “seen” or “featured” in such as: top magazines, TV shows, radio shows (online or offline), newspapers, business journals, etc… Use the media source logos on your website or marketing materials to position yourself as a “go to” expert.

16. Include any Industry Associations, High Level Training, Earned Business Awards or Top Ratings, etc… in your profiles, biographies and website content.

Build Relationships

17. Attend high level business networking events to build relationships with other business owners and create a trusted referral network.

18. Join Business related Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Community Boards, etc… to gain respect and gain supporters in your community / industry.

19. Communicate with business partners or client prospects via phone or in person when convenient. One on one or personal contact is always a step above the rest.

20. Partner up! Let others market for you. Creating joint ventures with other business owners exposes you to their contacts as well.

Use Offline Media Resources

21. Radio: Advertise your benefits with clear contact info and a call to action.

22. Television: Email the hosts of a TV talk show and tell them how you would benefit their audience. Keep your email short and to the point with clear contact info. Be sure to do a follow up to show your interest and build the relationship.

23. Newspapers: Write a press release or article of interest with clear contact info and a call to action.

24. Magazines: Offer to write an article in an area of your expertise.

Use Online Media Resources

25. Internet Radio: Start your own Blog Talk Radio show or sign on a guest expert on someone else’s radio show. Use the recorded MP3 as a tool for marketing on your website or email.

26. Online Forums: Join an “Ask the Expert” type of forum and offer solutions to problems. Be sure your contact info is in every response for those who want more.

27. Online Magazines: All the top magazines have an online version these days. Some of them look for experts or authorities in the field of the columns they offer. Email the editors with your ideas and areas of expertise or submit a freelance article to them for review.

28. Online TV: Many experts have their own online “show” either on YouTube or on their own website. You can create a weekly or monthly “Show” that offers tips, tricks, tutorials or advice to attract clients and sales. You can insert direct links to landing pages, contact info and calls to actions throughout.

Appreciation Marketing

29. Send a “Thank You” letter to those who attended an event you hosted. Be sure your contact info is there with an open invitation to contact you with any questions.

30. Send a personal “Nice To Meet You” greeting card via mail after a one on one meeting or consultation.

31. Offer a gift or special discount to long time or loyal customers as a thank you for their continued business. It is a great way to remarket to clients who have stopped working with you as a reminder that you are still there for and appreciate them.

32. Host “Customer Appreciation” events online or offline. Offer specials, sales, giveaways etc…

Public Speaking

33. Schedule and host a Boot Camp, Class or Workshop to give valuable content, tips and training. Market to your ideal clients. You can even offer upsells, products or promote future events during or after for those who want more.

34. Be a panel expert or on stage speaker at large events attended by your target market.

35. Offer to be the guest speaker at groups hosted by your ideal clients.

36. Do expert talks for other business groups, associations or clubs in order to position yourself as a local authority in your area and a referral source.

Consistent Communication

37. Have a follow up system for reconnecting with your leads.

38. Have a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Newsletter that you send out or email regularly that offers tips, stories, and info on upcoming events, sales, new products or services etc… Have an easy way for people to get on this list such as an opt-in form on your website or a sign up form at events.

39. Schedule phone calls or meetings with current clients to make sure you are meeting their needs and building their trust. These can be your biggest referral sources.

40. Use automated email marketing systems, social media, blogs, etc… to keep your presence on the internet and build your reputation as an expert and stay top of mind.
Start Somewhere

Although you may not want to use ALL 40 of the tips and tricks I shared with you, I guarantee will have a much better chance of success if you take the time to implement just one. Sometimes one drop in the ocean is all it takes to create a wave. For more in depth marketing ideas on harnessing the power of the internet, check out my report on “39 Online Marketing Tips and Tricks That Work In 2014 (and Beyond!)”.

To Your Success,
Sonny Ahuja

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