Pay Per Click & Social Media Coaching

Sonny Ahuja recently moved to Atlanta from Milwaukee with his family. He was a business owner of designer perfume stores in Madison, Racine, Milwaukee and Appleton (Wisconsin). At business to business trade shows he was present in New Orleans, Memphis, Chicago, and Gatlinburg. Following his stores, Sonny ventured into ecommerce where he created He began to successfully drive traffic to his website with best in practice methodology for Google AdWords. If you find him on social media, he is very well connected:

  • Thousands of LinkedIn connections
  • 5,000+ Facebook friends and fans
  • Over 44,000 Twitter followers

For past 8 years he has helped several business grow with high conversion websites, mobile sites, pay per click marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Sonny is a speaker at Totally Booked University, does personal workshops and webinars to attendees, and also speaks at the Experience Events. Let him be your coach in utilizing his business savvy and an ecommerce mindset for helping you maximize your lead generation and to increase you’re return on investment.

Here’s why you need to master PPC & Social Media

google adwords managementAttract New Customers Instantly – Searches are done every day on Google, and 90% of them are for products and services. Now visualize yourself being at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and how much attraction your site will bring with a well written ad. By bidding on keywords being related to your industry or products, AdWords can have your website listed at the top of SERP in no time.

google adwords managementFaster than SEO – A combination of your landing page quality, ad copy, and ad bid provides you with your ‘Ad Rank’, and your ads will go straight to the top of the search results if it’s strong enough. All of those meta descriptions, headings, titles, and alt tags comprising Search Engine Optimization can take much longer to implement before seeing any results on your positioning in the organic search results positioning, including trying to rank at the top.

google adwords managementFind out what really converts – There is a way you can link your Analytics to your AdWords campaign so you can combine reports in order for you to be ability to find out more in an uncommon way about what is working and what simply does not. Eliminating certain keywords not performing well at conversions can help you eliminate certain losses in your ad budgeting. A side benefit is incorporating the knowledge you gain about your keywords, then combining that insight with your organic SEO to use terms converting the best, improving results.

google adwords managementYou control your advertising costs – When you ad is shown as a search result you are not charged by Google, only when someone clicks on your ad are you charged. The reasoning behind this is to make it only cost you money when there is a potential conversion being made by the visitor. What better way is there to spend money on marketing than to have an almost guaranteed sale for the money you are spending? None. Just like a bank account, you can manage you campaigns in a way that you allocate a budget, and the moment your ad limit is reached the campaign will suspend so you are not charged any further money, until you change or readjust your budget. Its great knowing you have a safeguard against overspending.

google adwords managementSometimes organic traffic doesn’t convert as well as AdWords – The AdWords ads click through’s are much more likely to convert (2 times better) than the organic results. Visitors pick up on the difference between ads meant to sell and organic results meant to inform, review products, or provide news. People often search for the purpose of finding goods or services to purchase rather than to educate themselves.

google adwords managementSERPs are being taken over by AdWords – Maybe you were someone or know of someone else who has said that ‘No one clicks on ads anymore’. However, nearly 2/3 or 64.6% of resulting clicks on ads are made when searches are made containing commercial keywords. Do not leave yourself having a missed opportunity for conversions with potential customers/patients/clients.

google adwords managementLocation Targeting – Is your service or product locally focused? There is a tool you can use to ensure your ads be seen only by searches in your specified territory, AdWords. If you run a coffee shop in Atlanta, you definitely don’t want to be advertising for a client on the west coast since it’s so far away, and highly unlikely that should be your target audience.

An easy way to avoid sending ads to people far away from you who are rarely potential customers for your local business, you can instruct Google to only show ads to people searching within a designated mile radius of your choosing, say 50 miles surrounding Atlanta, or more specifically the town you are in.

If you happen to be a service provider, and want people to see what you have to offer, there is no better coach and way to be seen than Sonny’s highly effective Google AdWords coaching.

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