Catching On Twitter

Twitter-LogoAs social networking sites gain popularity among the younger crowd, Facebook continues to rule among the college students. Coming just next in line, Twitter, is the number one choice of the academic crowd, making expressing yourself easier with microblogging. There are chances that Twitter could be combined with Facebook, because it is now with LinkedIn. But meanwhile, you need different accounts to log into  Twitter and Facebook.

If you are new on Twitter, you must be wondering about the overall working and cool features of Twitter. Worry not; we have a few Twitter tips for you

  1. Stylish profile: You can tell people who you are, by describing yourself in 160-character limit. That’s not all. You can put up your pic, and present links to your webpages or blogs.
  2. URL shortening: Sometimes you want to add URLs to your tweets, but they take up precious characters from your tweet’s character count. You can shorten your URLs using, and some other URL trimmers.
  3. Follow friends: You can easily find friends on Twitter, by looking up some characteristics, and following their profiles. You can follow your friends, and your friends can follow you.
  4. Moneymaking; Yes! You can make money on Twitter. If you have a huge fan following, you can offer companies to post their advertisements on tweets. You will be able to control these advertisements, which will be tweeted by,, and some more.

Twitter is gaining popularity everyday, by bringing about new and recent changes. These were some generic tips to use Twitter. If you want to know about the latest features, join Twitter today!

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