The Secret to Becoming a Global Brand via Twitter

Twitter is well known as a vehicle for successfully establishing a local brand. Thousands of companies have utilized Twitter to find local followers, make connections, and establish local recognition. Myriad true anecdotes support Twitter’s effectiveness as a tool for establishing local brand recognition.

Entrepreneurs may wonder whether Twitter can be used to expand local recognition to create a truly global brand. What features does Twitter boast to help businesses reach a world market? Can Twitter’s usefulness in the establishment of local brands translate into an effective global marketing strategy?

Pervasive Social Network

Without doubt, Twitter is the greatest pervasive social network utilized to date. Twitter is accessible to individuals worldwide, reaching markets that span a broad range of consumer interest, ideology, and location. Anyone possessing a mobile phone with Web service can access Twitter at any time – no laptop or desktop required. In addition, the number of Twitter subscribers grows daily at an astronomical rate. The possibilities for local businesses to interact with potential customers worldwide are limitless.

Never Fear, Communicate in Your Native Language!

Language barriers are often the greatest hindrance to businesses attempting to communicate with a global audience. Twitter provides businesses the freedom to project their messages in their native languages. Twitter supports a large number of world languages including the most common European and Asian languages. Numerous translation tools, provided free by Twitter, can be used to convert tweets from the language of the business owner to the languages of potential customers. Who knew that tweeting would become a powerful link to global communication? Twitter can help businesses that would otherwise be limited by geography or language to effectively communicate and compete in a global market.

Less Is More

When establishing a global brand, it is best to follow the caveat of “less is more.” Elaborate marketing strategies may succeed in some arenas and fail in others. Tweeting is nothing if not simple. Posting concise and informative tweets is the best strategy to follow in a world market. Potential clients will be more likely to read and re-tweet simple, short messages. Convoluted messages should be revised with a broad potential audience in mind. Simple is always the smart way to go.

A Global Brand Courier

Thus far, Twitter has been instrumental in achieving astonishing results for companies venturing into the realm of global brands. Currently, a number of globally recognized brands utilize Twitter’s features when offering promotions and new products, engaging in real-time customer service, and interacting in productive dialogue with consumers worldwide. Twitter has become an outstanding global brand courier for many businesses. Companies that strategically use Twitter for branding have experienced a marked influx of visitors to their corporate websites. Those who endeavor to create effective global marketing strategies must pursue their goals with a sense of venturesomeness. Twitter is the perfect outlet for encouraging creative branding initiative. Twitter has the advantage of possessing greater speed and interactivity than other internet conduits. Another tremendous advantage to utilizing Twitter for a world marketing campaign is that it is absolutely free! No other venue can deliver Twitter’s results at zero cost to you.

Growing your business involves dynamically increasing your brand visibility. How better to achieve that than through the largest social network on the Web? Start today by maximizing the potential of Twitter to reach your global audience.

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