Google AdWords is one of the BEST tools to use for internet marketing and can make you a ton of money in a very short period of time.

…IF you do it RIGHT.

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t.

And many of them waste thousands of dollars on doing their own AdWords campaigns with minimal return on their investment.

To find out how you could be wasting money and determine if your AdWords account is working FOR you or AGAINST you:

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Sonny’s goal is to always find ways to help businesses increase their sales and decrease their costs at the same time.  Running the right kind of AdWords campaigns, makes this easy!


What is Google AdWords and what makes it so EFFECTIVE?

Google AdWords is a Pay-Per-Click advertising platform run through and by Google that allows businesses to run their advertisements on all of Google owned websites and properties.

When someone searches for a keyword that you use as a trigger in your AdWords campaign, your “Sponsored Ad” will show up in their Google search.

How well your ad does and displays depends on many factors.

Here just a few items that need to be set up correctly in your AdWords Campaign to get the MOST out of your advertising dollars:

–        Bidding on the right available keywords so your business shows in the right searches

–        Using negative keywords properly to avoid wasteful spending on unrelated search clicks

–        Creating the correct match types within your account to get the best results


Can anyone run an AdWords campaign?

Sure, if you want to do the research, go through all the training and spend money testing it out to get it to work for you.

Or… you can put your valuable time to better use, make a peace of mind investment and hire a Google AdWords Expert to do it for you.

Sonny has had several clients who, within only 2 months of him redesigning and launching their new AdWords campaigns, had to call and ask him to pause everything so that they could catch up with ALL the business leads they were receiving as a result.


Wouldn’t you like to have a “problem” like that?

If so, Sonny would love to help you out.

–        If you would like to start an AdWords campaign, he will gladly set up a customized campaign for you and your business from scratch. He’ll even manage it for you and help you determine the best keywords to use to bring you the most profit, the quickest.

–        If you already have your own campaigns running, he’d be happy to take a look at them and show you where your money is being wasted and how you can gain it back.  He specializes in redesigning current campaigns to make them more effective, bring you better results and save you money.


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