Does MORE Time, MORE Money, MORE Sales and BETTER Leads sound good to you?
Sonny Ahuja is passionate about helping small businesses succeed. After closing down his perfume store conglomerate and rebuilding several 6 figure businesses from scratch using the very tools he teaches, it has become his mission is to help entrepreneurs become more profitable, experience more freedom in their business and have a better quality of life as a result.

Sonny was recently given the title of being one of Milwaukee’s 6-Pack. This is a distinct honor given to the top 6 “need-to-know” people in the city who are considered to be “Milwaukee’s Most Well-Connected” by The Milwaukee Press Club. In addition, he is a member in good standing with the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce and has served on the Board of Director’s with the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin.

He has done extensive work with restoration, remodeling and construction companies all around Milwaukee and its surrounding areas, with GREAT success. As a consultant, utilizing high converting website design techniques, AdWords and SEO, he has doubled and even tripled the annual income of some of these companies. Sonny is always looking to expand into other states and areas to help those smaller businesses become bigger and give their corporate competition a run for their money.

Partial List of Our Clients:
Google AdWords Expert

Using the #1 tool for creating better conversions and leads, Sonny helps businesses set up automated campaigns that bring in qualified and interested prospects into their sales funnel. Why waste your money marketing to people who are not looking for your product or service? With Sonny’s expertise you will learn how to put yourself in front of your target audience and boost your sales exponentially.

High Converting Website Designer

Sonny has a team of designers and writers that create world class high converting websites that increase conversions resulting in higher sales. Being an SEO expert & founder of an ecommerce business, Sonny gives his clients websites that not only rank higher and faster in the internet search engines, but also have much higher conversion rates. For proven results and to hear how “thrilled” his clients have become, check out Sonny’s Testimonials page

SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be real tricky when you don’t know what you’re doing. With years of experience learning what works in SEO and what doesn’t, Sonny is able to get his clients websites to rank #1 on Google using this amazing tool. In addition, he likes to teach others how to do it too.

Social Media Expert

Over the last 10 years Sonny has discovered the hidden keys and beststrategies for making SERIOUS money using social media tools such as: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. He has coached 1000s of people on how these FREE tools can increase their exposure, double or even triple their sales, gain massive targeted traffic and become viewed as an authority in their industry. Sonny offers workshops, Meetups and personal one-on-ones, offering his secret tips (that the other social media gurus would be afraid to share) only to those who are interested in raising the bar and going to the next level.


With over 20 years of business and retail experience, Sonny brings expert status to the table in helping entrepreneurs go for from small to big in their profit margins. He has been asked to be on lead panels as a top consultant in many of the elite business groups in the Wisconsin area. Referred to as the “#1 Go-To Guy” for internet marketing and business building, Sonny enjoys helping his clients gain the edge over their competition and increase their sales.


As a big world strategist, Sonny suggests and teaches cutting edge tools such as Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and E-Commerce, along with older, traditional methods to come up with action plans that are specifically tailored for his client’s needs. Working individually, one on one, Sonny offers a personal approach that has been deemed “the real deal” by one of his extremely happy clients.


Sonny Ahuja is no stranger to the entrepreneurial stage. He has been asked to speak for many large business groups all over the world. From Elite Medical Doctors to Cosmetic Dentistry to Wisconsin Small Business Owners to Premier Women Entrepreneurs, the value and inspiration Sonny has given is immeasurable. With topics on Profitable Internet Marketing, Making SEO Work for You, Using Google AdWords to Increase Your Company’s Conversions, Social Media Marketing and much, much more, there is something for every business owner who wants to improve his or her sales.


Offering Live Workshops, Boot Camps and Online Training, Sonny Ahuja makes his knowledge easily accessible to everyone. He is well known for giving away all the “Secrets” the other guys keep to themselves. When it comes to valuable and useful information, Sonny prefers to empower the people and see others succeed. Just about everyone who attends any of Sonny’s trainings gets a feel for his authenticity and desire to share the wealth. The value the attendees receive from his trainings is unsurpassed.