5 Benefits of a Mobile Website

The internet is constantly evolving, we all know this is fact. Just think of how much users can now access the internet in numerous ways that no one 10 years ago would have seen coming. Watches, gaming devices, laptops, tablets, and more are becoming very popular every day for visitors to find your website. This is why having a website optimized for mobile devices (or mobile versions of websites) is crucial for growing your business.

If you didn’t already know, Google changes its’ algorithms periodically and they just rolled out a mobile friendly algorithm update on April 21, 2015, which boots mobile search rankings for websites which are more mobile friendly.

Some statistics show mobile devices take a percentage of all traffic, anywhere from 15%, to 55%. Whatever the statistics show, it is very clear that mobile devices are being used more and more for searches, and that it is extremely important that you take advantage of this traffic flow.

Let’s look at your current site’s mobile friendliness before we get into the benefits. One easy way to determine if your site is mobile friendly rather than using a manual inspection of your site on a mobile device, is to check Google Webmaster Tools. First submit your site to webmaster tools, then go to Search Traffic > Mobile Usability, which will show you errors you may have on your site’s mobile friendliness, and it will prompt you with ways to correct those problems.

Here are 5 Benefits:

mobile website benefitsIncreased Average Time on Site

Timing is important to everything that exist on the internet. Capturing your audience’s attention quickly is the name of the game, even more so the case with mobile devices because users are usually on the go when accessing your website with their mobile devices.

mobile website benefitsImproved Mobile SEO

When it comes down to SEO, Google is the master that we all are following whether we want to or not. When Google wants something, it gets it, and Google prefers webmasters build their sites as responsive, but if that isn’t an option for your company, the next best thing is to make a separate HTML website to serve mobile users. Doing this will ensure you increase your chances of ranking higher among Google mobile searches.

mobile website benefitsCompetitive Advantage Over Your Competition

There is a chance that you have been left behind your competition when it comes to mobile friendly websites. One statistic shows that 1 out of every 3 companies surveyed didn’t have a mobile ready website. This survey may not be tell all when it comes to what really is the case, however certain industries are much more progressive when it comes to this regard. I suggest visiting your competitions websites to see how optimized they are for mobile friendly.

mobile website benefitsFaster Website Load Speed

Time is of the essence for your website users. If a webpage loads too slow, it’s easy for your audience to leave and not come back. If your regular webpage isn’t optimized for mobile, a mobile search will render very slowly on the mobile device or it might not even load at all. When your code is structured in a way that makes it usable on mobile devices, it will allow it to make loading time much quicker because the code matches correctly with the device. Some studies show that you don’t want your users to wait 6-10 seconds because this makes them much more likely to abandon the page all together.

mobile website benefitsImproved User Experience

We all have been through an experience when your friend sends you a link via email or text message and when you go to open that link, the load time is so slow that you give up and don’t try again. If this was your business, you just lost any chance of converting that visitor into a customer. Make sure your business website is easy to browse and read content from a user’s mobile device so you leave them as inspired and loyal customers. In certain reports, up to 60% of mobile users in the last year have encountered certain problems when browsing websites on their mobile devices that have led them to abandon that page. Make your business has a mobile friendly site and it will cause you to not only gain customers, but you will have increased fans who become loyal customers of yours.

This is exactly where I come in. I will be able to create a specific high converting mobile/mobile friendly website tailored to your needs and goals to maximize your ROI.

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